Valentine’s Day Gifts Guide – Presents That You Can Get For Her

14th of February is just around the corner, and you may be wondering what could be a nice suitable gift for your woman. Fortunately for this special occasion, Top Buy Australia offers great deals on its gift items. Here is a list of the best sellers.

Perfume and Cosmetic Gift Sets

Everyone likes sweet-smelling fragrances, and girls simply love them. In addition to this, makeup and cosmetics are also popular gift items. Top Buy Australia hosts a large variety of female perfumes, as well as cosmetic items, most of which are available at discounted prices as part of the Valentine’s Day Gifts’ promotional offers.

Dolce Vita 100ml EDT SP by Christian Dior Women

This $200 perfume is being offered for less than $95 at Top Buy. Its distinctly feminine scent is comprised of warm tones of magnolia and rose, which blend perfectly with the sweet aromas of cinnamon, peach, and apricot. The scent is further accentuated with bottom notes of Vanilla and Sandalwood. Perfect for informal get-togethers.

Burberry BODY 3PC Women Perfume Set 85ml EDP INTENSE + 85ml Body Milk + 4.5ml Mini Spray

With the Burberry Body gift set, you get the best of both – perfume as well as body lotion. A unique gift item, suitable for both young and mature women. The Burberry gift set presently retails for $119.95.

Romance 100ml EDP SP by Ralph Lauren

Running for a discounted price of $78.95 on Top Buy, Ralph Lauren’s Romance evokes the timeless essence of falling in love. The fragrance comprises of the essence of velvety woods, extravagant florals and seductive musk. Ideal for an evening wear.


Jewelry items are an instant hit with women, given that they appreciate the aesthetic style of what you give to them. You should be careful to select something which she prefers – if she is not into bracelets, it may be a good idea to give her earrings or a nice necklace.

Donna Earrings

These are slightly larger than normal stud-type earrings. The unique sparkly black and grey colour is lined with a fabulous row of sparkling crystals, which makes it both an elegant and sassy thing to wear. Originally priced at $39, Top Buy currently retails them for $17.

Elizabeth Bangle – Silver

The Elizabeth bangle is available in a multitude of colors, and features Swarovski Elements crystals on Stainless Steel. It adds a glamorous touch to your overall outlook. Available for $19.

Natural Freshwater Large Black Pearl Pendant with Adjustable 925 Sterling Silver

Comprising of an adjustable 925 sterling silver snake chain, this necklace moonlights with a large freshwater black pearl pendant. With its beautiful design, the necklace makes the wearer an immediate center of shining focus in the room. Available for $19.95 with free shipping from Top Buy Australia.

Electronic Gadgets

Laser iPIG MP3 2.1 Active Subwoofer Speakers With Docking, Amp & Charging

This kind-of-funny looking item acts in three ways – as a dock, a charger, and a speaker plus amplifier system for your iPod. You can also plug other audio sources such as PSP, XBOX, MP3, MP4, or CD player or even your PC (via 3.5mm plug). Retails at a mere $69.95.

Seiko Womens Solar SUP089 Watch

The true value of this watch lies in its beautiful design and high-quality finish. Made from stainless steel, this water-resistant, Hardlex quartz based watch ran for $344.00 on Top Buy, but is now being offered for just $202.95 as part of the Valentine’s Day gifts’ promotions.

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