USA and Australia Clothing Sizes and Electric Requirement Compared

One of the things that you should consider when purchasing items from another country, like those from the USA specifically from Amazon, is that some of the description of such item may vary from the standard applicable in Australia. Some of which are the sizes of clothing, shoes and the voltage requirement of electronic items.

Clothing Sizes Compared

USA uses sizing numbers or symbols different from those used in Australia. Remember that when you are purchasing a piece of clothing, always do size conversion. To guide you in conversion, below are the charts of the sizes of USA and other countries with their corresponding equivalent in Australian sizes.

Women’s Sizes

Clothing Sizes

Men’s Sizes

Clothing Sizes

Clothing Sizes

Clothing Sizes

Amazon’s Size Chart

When purchasing at, consider this size chart:

Generic Women’s Sizes

Amazon Size Chart


Generic Men’s Sizes

Amazon Size Chart


Voltage and Plug Differences

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If you are buying an electronic item, like a power tool or a desktop computer, from another country, you should always consider the voltage and the plug types being used in that country. Always remember, an appliance using 110 volts cannot be plugged in a 220 volts electric outlet.

The electricity in USA uses 110 volts while in Australia, we use 240 volts. So be careful to check the voltage requirement of the electronic item you wish to buy overseas. If the item requires 110 volts, never plug it directly onto a 220-240 volts outlet. It will burn and damage the product. What you have to do is to use a transformer that will convert the voltage to a lower one. For items requiring 220-240 volts when plugged in a 110 volt outlet, while the product will not be damaged, it will not work perfectly because of a deficient electric supply.

For plug types, those used in USA are likewise different from those  used in Australia.

For Australia:

Australian Plug and SocketAustralian Plug and SocketThe plug matching the pictured socket, used in Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, Fiji,  Papua New Guinea and Tokelau, has an earthing pin and two flat pins forming an inverted V-shape. There is an unearthed version of this plug as well, with only two flat V-aligned pins. These flat blades measure 6.5 by 1.6 mm and are set 30° to the vertical on a nominal pitch of 13.7 mm. A standard power point in Australia provides a nominal voltage of 230 volts at a maximum of 10 amps, as in the UK, its outlets are individually switched for extra safety.

For USA:

USA Plug and Socket

This class II ungrounded plug with two flat parallel prongs is pretty much standard in most of North and Central America. At first glance, the Japanese plug and socket seem to be identical to this standard. However, the Japanese plug has two identical flat prongs, whereas the US plug has one prong which is slightly larger. Therefore it is no problem to use Japanese plugs in the US, but the opposite does not work often. Furthermore, Japanese standard wire sizes and the resulting current ratings are different than those used on the American continent.

Type A and B plugs have two flat prongs with a hole near the tip. These holes aren’t there without a reason. If you were to take apart a type A or B socket and look at the contact wipers that the prongs slide into, you would find that in some cases they have have bumps on them. These bumps fit into the holes so that the outlet can grip the plug’s prongs more firmly. This prevents the plug from slipping out of the socket due to the weight of the plug and cord. It also improves the contact between the plug and the outlet. Some sockets, however, don’t have those bumps but just two spring-action blades that grip the sides of the plug pin, in which case the holes aren’t necessary.

So if the plugs are different and won’t fit your socket, use adapters.


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