Trends And Statistics In Australia’s Digital Online Economy

According to a report featured on, the market share of online merchandizing in Australia currently stands at a solid 5-7% of the overall Australian market in early 2013. While considered by many to be still too low, online sales have been growing at a high and steady 20-30% annual rate in the recent few years.

Coming from the same report, it is stated that most of the users who avail online shopping in the region users cite the reasons of convenience, availability and pricing to be the prime factors for their interest in the trade. On top of that, greatly flexible delivery options also encourage customers to purchase their goods from online Australian stores. These customers can browse through the vast variety of retail store inventories and order their products online all within the comfort of their own homes. Mobile and handheld devices with internet capability have further encouraged growth in this sector.

Just in 2013, online purchasing has increased by nearly 50% of the online adult users who have shopped online. There are many reasons associated with this. Firstly, there is a large number of international offshore e-tailers with wide recognition in Australia who have established small, localized onshore businesses in the country. For example, many of these companies who work in the retail market, have established their own warehouses in the region that enable them to provide quick, convenient and cheaper services to their customers.

The second iarticle-online-shopping-420x0mportant factor promoting the growth of the online retails, service and communications sector in Australia is low start-up costs and minimal barriers to entry. This has enabled many local reputed as well as new companies to open up their online stores with little hassle. There are a wide variety of enterprises that include bricks and mortar stores as well as online only stores – all of which are now successfully operating in the direct sales to consumers market in the country. Both of these factors have led to increased online spending, both in favour of local and international retailers.

It is estimated that the online spend percentage that is directed towards international purchases will be somewhere along the lines of 6-7% of the total retail spend by the end of 2013. While this may still not be that high, the percentage varies, and it is thought that this international spending will only increase further in the online markets over the next few years to come. This is statistically of particularly high possibility since it is expected that most online users take advantage of the higher speeds that the National Bank Network (NBN) rollout will provide as it is rolled out.

Source: The Australian

The report further talks about some interesting commercial starting points for new businesses who are interested in venturing into the online retail market. It then takes a look at some of the more popular online Australian stores – such as Kogan, Woolworths, Car Sales AU, Graysonline, Surfstitch, eBay, Quicksales and Gumtree – all of which are considered key players in the online retail market in the region.

You can read more about the report here.


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