Travelling And Leisure Bikes – The Best Deals From Online Australian Stores

Bicycles – whether they are small kid’s play bikes, or large adventurous mountain bikes fitted with cool gadgets like multiple gear sprockets, suspension springs and disc brakes – are always a hit in both urban and rural areas. Described by many as the cheapest, healthiest and most environmentally friendly way of travelling, bike riding is one of the most fun activities that you can engage in. Here, we take a look at some of the best deals in travelling and leisure bikes offered by online stores in Australia.

Spectrum 12” Boys Bicycle

The Spectrum 12-inch bike is meant for small children 5-8 years of age. The colour scheme is a vibrant blue and read with other multi-coloured patterns which make it perfect for young boys. The bike is composed of a sturdy Y frame design, with a rear foot brake, removable training wheels, as well as other features including handle bar safety pads. The fully enclosed chain guard ensures safety of your child. A great gift, all in all.

Deals Direct AU Price: $69.95

Spectrum 12” Girls Bicycle

This is the feminine equivalent of the Spectrum 12-inch boys bicycle and comes with the same safety features as found in the latter. The soft padded saddle with bumper is also a nice addition in both bike models to make your child comfortable while riding. The Spectrum 12-inch girls bicycle comes with training wheels and in a bright, pink-coloured finish making it a complete joy for your young one to ride on.

Deals Direct AU Price: $69.95

Jamis Hudson Cruiser Bike

Every Hudson moves the seat back over the rear wheel and lowers the chassis for a more relaxed riding position that puts the ground just a foot-dab away – and the Jamis Hudson Cruiser Bike also features a similar design. It is as elegantly simple and easy to ride as a bicycle can possibly be. If you are interested in cruising through the neighborhood on a bike on a calm and cool weather day, then the Jamis Hudson Cruiser Bike should be top on your list.

TopBuy Deal Price: $299.48

Jamis Capri Girls 20 Geared Bike

The Jamis Capri Girls 20 Geared Bike comes in a lightweight 6061 aluminum comfort frame design with full-length chainguard, fenders and kickstand. The handlebar grips provide comfort and a secure grip over the handle bar. In a vibrant, reflective pink finish, this is the perfect bike for girls of age 10 and over.

TopBuy Deal Price: $248.95

Fusion KinetiK 2013 Dual Suspension Performance Mountain Bike

With a 21 speed rally, alloy lightweight frame, Shimano rapid-fire shifters, Shimano Acera derailleurs, new grips, a comfy seat and zoom handle bars, the Fusion KinetiK 2013 Dual Suspension Performance Mountain Bike is the ideal companion for cycling over hilly, rough terrain. The red colour finish adds a unique touch to the body style, further enhancing its appeal. If you have a passion of riding mountain bikes, then this is probably what you would normally dream of.

TopBuy Deal Price: $329.95

Jamis Trail XR Ladies Mountain Bike

This one is for the ladies – those who are interested in cycling over rough, hilly terrains. The new frame design is lightweight with tapered tubing that makes it easier to pedal and easier to control. The blue colour finish is also a beauty to look at. Not only that, but with the added gearing and suspension system features, the Jamis Trail XR Ladies Mountain Bike is also great for inter-city travel.

TopBuy Deal Price: $289.95

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