Top Discounts On Men’s Footwear From Westfield Australia’s Online Shoe Store

Westfield Australia is one of Australia’s most popular fashion and apparel retail outlets in the region. Owned by the multi-national Westfield Group, the store’s online web outlet is highly popular amongst local customers. Westfield Australia’s online shoe store is quite renowned for its catchy discounts on its branded products. Here are some of the top discounts on men’s footwear from Westfield Australia’s Online Shoe Store.

Cesare Paciotti: Eyelet and Buckle Slip On

Made in Italy and manufactured from 100% high quality, genuine leather these Cesare Paciotti dress shoes are perfect for formal occasions. You can mix them up with a good dress pant and dress shirt combination for an office meeting, or you can mix them up with a suit for a formal party or gathering. The elongated look on the shoes speaks of great style and class with further adds to your gentlemanly outlook.

Price: AUD $398.00, down from AUD$795.00

Shelford Navy Nubuk By Shubar

These Shelford Navy Nubuk Shoes come from the designer house of Shubar and feature a nubuck leather upper, slim foam composite sole along with a stitched midsole construction. They are undoubtedly versatile, and do have the much sought after mixed casual to classy feel with them. These shoes are great for casual wear and at times can also be used for semi-formal events.

Price: AUD$59.95, down from AUD$119.95

DC Shoes Mens Rob Dyrdek Alias Lite Unilite Shoes

The DC Shoes Mens Rob Dyrdek Alias Lite Unilite Shoes feature a unique and new design that is light in weight and also very flexible to wear. Having soft suede overlays, UNILITE technology, long-lasting cushioning and impact protection, and a lightweight mesh tongue, these shoes are extremely comfortable to wear and also have great durability. These running shoes are ideally suited for mild sporting events, for exercise, jogging, and most definitely a casual, morning walk.

Price: AUD$89.95, down from AUD$129.95

Australian Ugg Original Nappa Short Ugg Boots

These Luxury Original Australian Nappa Short Ugg Boots were handmade in Australia by Australian Ugg Original. Made from best quality sheepskin with the highest accuracy of craftsmanship, they are lightweight and flexible, which makes them very comfortable to wear. If you are into manly looking, large, long shoes, then these are just for you.

Price: AUD$140.00, down from AUD$515.00

Cushe Surf-Slipper Canvas Black

Canvas shoes tend to go very well with jeans for a casual look. Likewise, the Cushe Surf-Slipper Canvas Black are a great footwear choice for a cooler weather. You can wear them to outdoor BBQs, to the movies or any other weekend catch ups, and they will not let you down.

Price: AUD$149.00, down from AUD$169.95

Aslan Shoe in Navy

The navy colour on these Aslan Shoes is a sight to behold. Crafted by Common Soles, these shoes do very well in almost all occasions if done the right way – from office meetings to formal gatherings to casual and informal outings with friends. What really sets them apart is the colour and the nature of the outer fabric and the combine to give you a modern look that is both elegant and classical in a very fashionable sense.

Price: AUD$69.99, down from AUD$99.99

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  1. Edward Ajeng Ding says:

    Please advise is there any DC Shoes Mens Rob Dyrdek Alias Lite Unilite Shoes (Red Colour) sell in Malaysia?
    I want to get one but seems like didn’t have in Malaysia. Could you provide the where can I buy the shoe?

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