TopBuy’s Treat For Guitar Enthusiasts – The Best Guitar Deals In Town

The guitar has been amongst the most popular musical instruments around the world since the origins of music itself. The instrument is played and enjoyed by millions across the globe. Both guitar players and guitar music lovers in Australia are in for a treat, for TopBuy Australia, a famous online retail store in the region is now offering some of the best deals in guitar prices for young, aspiring and enthusiastic guitarists. Without further ado, here is our list of TopBuy’s best guitar deals in Australia.

Artist AG34TSB Tobacco Sunburst Electric Guitar

Some say it’s the Tobacco Sunburst finish that’s a killer. Others say it’s the impeccable sound. We say that it’s the flawless combination of both. The Artist AG34TSB Electric Guitar has a thin neck with a floating style tremolo and single Humbucker pickups. Great for all types of music but especially perfect for fast playing.

TopBuy Discount Price: $199.00, with $19.00 savings

CL14 AM Value Pack 1-4 Classical Guitar Amber

A guitar virtuoso’s collection cannot be considered complete without a good selection of acoustic guitars. The CL14 AM 1-4 Classical Guitar Amber Value Pack is a perfect jump start kit for guitar beginners, and can also be used by experienced players since the package contains all necessary items o getting started with playing the acoustic guitar in a good-value deal. Package contains the Artist CL14 Classical Guitar, an ET33 Mini Clip-On Tuner, Bag, Strap and 2 Guitar Pics.

TopBuy Discount Price: $80.00, with 49% savings

LPBK Les Paul Style Guitar Black

There is no denying to the fact that the Les Paul is unrivalled, most popular guitar in the world. From Artist comes the LPBK Les Paul Style Guitar in Black colour finish. The guitar features Wilkinson Pickups a rosewood fingerboard and maple neck in addition to a 2 way truss rod. The double humbuckers further help to deliver pure rock tone.

TopBuy Discount Price: $341.99, with 20% savings

JM15012 12 String Solid Top Jumbo Acoustic Guitar

With a Bag, Strap & Tuner and an outstanding discount, the JM15012 12 String Solid Top Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Package is an offer you can’t refuse. The guitar is a beautifully sounding 12 string guitar, and is only recommended for the pros out there who have had good previous playing experience in the past. Initially retailing for $729.99, the complete package is available for just $268.12.

TopBuy Discount Price: $268.12, with 63% savings

TCD100-SB TC Style Electric Guitar With Floyd Rose Tremolo

Did someone say Floyd Rose? Yes! With Wilkinson Pickups, 22 Frets, Basswood body, Maple fingerboard and neck, accessories, an eye-catchy Sonic Blue finish and a Floyd Rose Tremolo, this guitar is a pure beast. Build quality is superb which further makes the TCD100-SB TC Style Electric Guitar a great addition to your guitar line-up.

TopBuy Discount Price: $475.99, with 20% savings

JUMBEQ50 Jumbo Acoustic Electric Guitar

Acoustic Electric guitars may not be that common out there, but they do have their own unique style, and who knows – maybe it’s the one that suits you best. It is basically an acoustic guitar that plugs into an amplifier. Through this, you cannot just amplify the sound but you can also add effects to it and change the tone of it more by means of controls on the amp itself. The JUMBEQ50 Jumbo Acoustic Electric Guitar With Extra Wide Neck is an ideal instrument for people who want more than just a beginner guitar. Featuring Daddario strings, 2 Strap pins and a High Gloss Natural Colour finish, this is an excellent buy for your money.

TopBuy Discount Price: $235.71, with 56% savings

Artist AG205FM RDS Electric Bass Guitar

Sometimes bass players feel left out even though the mechanics of bass guitars are also practically the same as compared to the usual electric guitars. You need not worry since the Artist AG205FM RDS Electric Bass Guitar With Active Pickups is here to solve your problem. The active basses help to get a defined strong tone. The subtle flame maple finish really grabs you and its active pickups will give you a great sound.

TopBuy Discount Price: $249.00, with 52% savings


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