The Nile – A Unique Destination For Book Lovers is an Australian online bookstore, and it is hailed as one of the most trusted and successful online retailers in the local Australian market. The online web store of The Nile is quite easy to navigate and use, even for people who are less familiar with the concept of online shopping. The Nile offers a tremendous collection of over 5 million titles from its huge inventory, and offers all of those at incredibly cheap and affordable prices. In addition to different genres of books and textbooks, The Nile also offers a vast collection of movies, along with music CDs.


Prices offered on purchases of books at The Nile are very reasonable. As an example, a book titled “Soldier Dogs” by author Maria Goodavage, which is normally priced at $29.95, is being offered at The Nile for only $23.64 – at a $6.31 discount, which equates to a saving of more than 21%. Such discounts are provided quite often to customers, along with special promotional offers. The Nile depends upon several suppliers to provide it its books, and therefore the price of the same book can be different from two different suppliers. Every month, the customer service team of The Nile sifts through their customer reviews and award whichever submission they deem ‘the best’ a $50 Gift Certificate, and almost anyone can avail this offer.

Delivery Policies

Orders within Australia are shipped by Australia Post and Australian Air Express. To dispatch an item, which is in stock, at one of the local stores of The Nile, it usually takes 1 business day, but this can be greater if the item is out of stock, or it is being dispatched from the store which is far away from the destination. Most orders sent to Australian addresses will arrive within 4 business days from the point of dispatch. Shipments to Western Australia may take additional 2-4 business days. Delivery to addresses outside of Australia can take up to 2-4 weeks. Shipping charges also vary, but it is free to any address within Australia if the order is valued over $50.

Payment Methods

The Nile accepts the following methods of payment:
• Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
• PayPal
• Bank Transfer
• Cheques And Money Orders


“I found this bookstore good so far, the book that I am looking for was in there and they have a good customer service too. The books were accessible and the good thing is, books are in its lowest price. I will probably go back there and look for some books to buy.”

– cliffHIGH

“I needed to get urgent delivery of my order as the books were being taken overseas and the Customer Service person I dealt with went out of her way to ensure my order and delivery was expedited. The books arrived on time despite it being pre-Xmas.”

– Loukie


The Nile is a paradise for book lovers. It has an incredibly large number of books, which spans over multiple genres. Discounts and promotional offers provided by the store further make the purchase of books an enticing prospect. If you are an avid reader, and a fan of books, you should definitely check out The Nile .

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