The Must-Have Hand Tools For Every Need – A Best Deals List

Hand tools provide us the luxury to fix things in our own very backyard. Whether you want to repair something that is broken, make upgradations to your existing equipment, or you are just in the mood to tinker around and see how things work – hand tools become necessary at all instances. For all intents and purposes therefore, here is a list of some of the best deals in hand tools that Australian customers can avail from Deals Direct Australia.

PKTOOL 13pc Ratchet Drive Screwdriver Set

Let’s be honest – you can’t expect to open up a machine until you have a versatile screw driver set to open up screws – which are practically found in almost all types of gadgets these days. The PKTOOL 13pc Ratchet Drive Screwdriver Set does just that – provides you with a versatile combination of screwdrivers that you can’t go wrong with. It has a ratchet drive that can be attached to the top of each screwdriver so you can apply extra torque to ensure that they can be undone easier or tightened to the correct tightness.

Deals Direct AU Price: AU $42.95

PKTOOL 5pc Mini Pliers Set

The PKTOOL 5pc Mini Pliers Set is great for cutting wires and removing wire coating when you are doing electrical work. The pack includes a set of pointed long nose straight, pointed long nose 45deg bent, flat long nose straight, end nipper and diagonal cut pliers. The handles are triple dipped for superior grip & durability. Needless to say, every tool box needs them.

Deals Direct AU Price: AU $14.95

PKTOOL 40w 240v Soldering Iron

If you have to deal with broken connections and faulty electrical circuits on a day-to-day basis, then the PKTOOL 40w 240v Soldering Iron is just for you. The 40w heater will ensure that your soldering wire melts quickly, which makes the entire process hassle-free. Furthermore, it has an insulated handle with safety shape and a 1 meter long power lead, making it very comfortable to use.

Deals Direct AU Price: AU $14.95

PKTOOL 9pc Ladies Tool Set – Pink

With just the right tools, every lady can do those plenty of odd jobs without enlisting the help of a man. The PKTOOL 9pc Ladies Tool Set contains among other items – screwdrivers, a claw hammer, various pliers and even a utility knife and each tool is fitted with an ergonomic grip. On top of that, it comes in a nice pink colour finish – just the style you need.

Deals Direct AU Price: AU $44.95

PKTOOL 3pc Compact Pry Bar Set

PKTOOL’s 3pc Compact Pry Bar Set has been specifically designed keeping mechanics, panel beaters, carpenters and tradesmen in mind. It is also ideal for home usage if you have woodworking that needs to be done. The pry bars have been drop forged are heat treated, so they’re great quality & strong. Also, the comfort rubber grip also makes the job easier, so you might want to include these in your toolbox.

Deals Direct AU Price: AU $19.95

PKTOOL 8pc Xtra Long Combination Ring & Open End Spanner Set

Just like screws, no hand tools set can be complete without a reasonably diverse range of spanners. A variety of 8 sizes makes the PKTOOL Spanner Set great for most bolts. The extra -long design gives you greater flexibility with the choice of ring or open ended spanner for each size. The set is Drop Forged Chrome Vanadium Steel and is strong enough for both the tradesman and the home toolbox.

Deals Direct AU Price: AU $34.95

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