The Best Deals In Power Generators From Deals Direct Australia

Random power breakdowns and load-shedding can be a major cause of concern among people – whether they be farm owners, industrial operators and even home owners, all who are directly affected. For those users in Australia who are looking for a means of backup power for their home, farms, or office, good deals in power generators can be found from various online retail stores in Australia. Here are the best deals in power generators from Deals Direct Australia.

Portable Power and Air Station

It is always handy to have a portable recharging battery with you, especially when you are working in the garage or driving your car. The Portable Rechargeable Power Station and Air Compressor has multiple uses and can be used to jump start a car, light up an area, power multiple appliances and inflate tires. With this, you never have to get stuck again looking for jumper leads and a nearby car to start your car up again. The station has battery booster cables, work lights, one AC/DC plus and a cigarette lighter plus and a 300 PSI Air Compressor all in one portable unit, making it a very handy tool.

Deals Direct AU Price: $89.95

SkillMeister 1.0 KVA Petrol Inverter Generator

When you need portable, lightweight power output, you can always rely on the SkillMeister 1.0 KVA Petrol Inverter Generator to suit your needs. This power generator runs on petrol and generates an impressively practical 1.0KVA of output power. With it, it is capable of powering most of your household or caravan appliances. The entire unit is very lightweight and hence completely portable and can provide power for up to 6 hours on a full fuel tank.

Deals Direct AU Price: $369.95

MTM 4.4kVA Inverter Generator

Those users who are looking for power generators with greater capacity than the 1.0KVA SkillMeister Petrol Inverter Generator mentioned above, can opt for the MTM 4.4kVA Inverter Generator. It is powered by a massive 150cc overhead cam 4 stroke engine providing a maximum 3500 Watt output while easily maintaining 3000 Watts. Packed with features such as dual Australian approved 240V sockets, 12V power outlet, 5.7 Liter fuel capacity and full overload protection, it can run for hours on a single fill. The complete unit is fairly portable at only 29 kg, and offers conveniently quite operation.

Deals Direct AU Price: $744.95

13HP 8.5KVA Generator With Honda Engine

Equipped with a commercial Honda Engine of 13HP, this generator can deliver up to 8.5KVA of power. This commercial generator has a massive 25 litre fuel capacity and can operate continuously for 12 hours or more. Furthermore, the AVR (Auto Voltage Regulator) helps to keeps accurate and stable voltage supply throughout usage. Maintenance is quick and easy to handle. It also includes 4 quality casters for easy maneuverability and transportation of your machine.

Deals Direct AU Price: $1249.95

Ducar Genpower 11kVA 20HP Petrol Generator

The Ducar Genpower 11kVA 20HP Petrol Generator is the ideal and greatly cost-effective, portable power source for home, on the farm or industrial settings. It is powered by a huge 448cc engine, providing a massive peak output rating of 11kVA, which is more than enough to power an entire home. It features both remote and electric key start, allowing your generator to operate unattended, and is capable of being fired up or shut down at the touch of a button. It also charges the dry cell battery while it is running, and this makes it virtually maintenance free. For large power applications and backup, you should definitely check this out.

Deals Direct AU Price: $999.95


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