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Best Deals In Tablet PCs From Australian Online Stores

There is no doubt that the Tablet PC market is on the rise. With the rising trends in manufacturing costs, quality and specifications, it becomes a rather daunting task for both novice as well as professional users to purchase a new tablet PC to suit their needs. It is the hugely diverse market coupled with the fact that some retail stores may not offer the best value for money which makes this decision hard. Thus, in order to aid your need, we have compiled a list of the best deals in tablet PCs available from online stores in Australia.

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Consumer Electronics Show CES 2013 Roundup

The Consumer Electronics Show-CES 2013 was held in Las Vegas from January 8 to January 11 at the very beginning of this year. It went off to a flying start, and offered lots of stuff to both conventional users and technology enthusiasts to get excited about. Here is a round-up from this year’s CES event.

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And Windows Pushes Into the Tablet Age – A Windows 8 Review

With Windows 8 just being released a few days ago, Microsoft has really revamped the whole operating system from ground-up. There have been quite a lot of mixed opinions regarding the newest version of Windows. While some people like it, others don’t, but whatever anyone has to say, the majority of people hates change. This is what Microsoft has done – Windows 8 feels and works in many ways differently as compared to its older predecessors. Despite all the harsh criticism, you should make no mistake. Microsoft has created a great product and it seems that Windows 8 is here to stay. We’ll show you why!

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How To Use The Kindle Fire HD In Australia

Available in 7-inch and 8.9-inch form factors, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD is the second generation of color touchscreen Kindle Fire line of tablet computers manufactured by Amazon. Though initially designed to be a highly versatile e-book reader with long battery life, the Kindle series has grown on to be one of the world’s leading and most popular handheld devices today. It now holds a competitive standing against other major tablet PCs available out there in the market today, such as the Apple iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus 7, among many others. However, with Amazon aiming largely towards an American audience to market its products, the question which now looms is how useful the Kindle Fire HD really is for someone residing elsewhere in the world, say Australia?

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Top 10 Gift Ideas For Christmas!

Thanksgiving weekend is over, which means that there are only a few days left to get that holiday shopping done. Online shopping has great advantages in this regard. It offers purchasers a great insight into the products of the global market, and provides competitive discounts upon purchases made, with reasonable shipping and returns policies. If you are a proud online shopper like many of us, here is a list of the top 10 Christmas gift ideas 2012.

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Highlighting The Basics Of The Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HD Australia


The Kindle Fire HD is equipped with an impressive dual core, 1.4 Ghz OMAP 4 Processor, coupled with 1 GB of RAM. Current models of the Kindle Fire HD run on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, and further updates from Amazon can be expected. The screen of the tablet supports a resolution of 1280 x 800, and in probably among the most crystal-clear touchscreens that you will see in today’s tablet PC market.

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