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Which Kindle Should You Buy?

The Kindle Family has five (5) members. Each of them has a feature that makes it unique from others. While some models may be said to be better than the others, we should bear in mind however that Amazon created the product line having in mind that each of them will accommodate the need of different types of readers.

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Funky and Stylish Kindle Accessories That Are A Must Have For Your Kindle

Kindle Accessories Australia

The number of Kindle users is increasing steadily, both in Australia and abroad, and this has created a great market demand for Kindle accessories worldwide. Tablet PC as well as mobile accessories companies have been very quick to cash in on the massive Kindle accessories market out there today.

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Kindle Paperwhite Australia: Review, Specification, Price and Availability in Australia

Kindle Paperwhite

UPDATE: Amazon.com is now shipping Kindle Paperwhite directly to Australia. It will cost you only $139.00 for the Wifi version or $199 for the 3G version plus $11.98 for standard shipping to Australia or $20.98 for expedited shipping (only 2-5 business days) to Australia. Click here to buy one and for the steps to buy and shipping rates to Australia.

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Best Kindle Screen Protector Australia

Screen Protector

For some, it has become automatic that when they buy a device that has a display, a screen protector is an indispensable add-on. For Kindle devices, a number of screen protectors are also available for the different models of Kindle. Kindle Screen Protectors,

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Best Kindle Reading Lights Australia

Kindle Reading Light

The Kindle devices, except Kindle Fire, have E ink display rather than a LED-backlit display that most tablets have. Because of this, you may find a little discomfort when reading on low light conditions. This is where the need for Kindle Reading Light arises. Reading lights will illuminate the kindle’s display when reading on a darker environment.

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Kindle Skins Australia

Another accessories that you may add up to your Kindle device are the Kindle Skins. Kindle Skins, while they may not be must-have accessories, enhances the aesthetics of your device. It changes the replaces the Kindle’s color from the usual graphite or white to colorful designs.

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Kindle Sleeves Australia

Another must-have kindle accessories are the Kindle Sleeves. They serve as your kindle’s bag. They provide extra protection and also provide stylish look to your device while you are on the go.

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Kindle Fire Australia Price, Review and Specifications

The Kindle Fire is not actually a dedicated e-reader unlike its siblings in the Kindle Family. It is rather a tablet with more capabilities and features and equipped with an LCD screen. It is said that the Kindle Fire is the only Android tablet that

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