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Big Pond is a vast Australian online store, and it would not be wrong to say that it is a type of a huge departmental store. Big Pond deals in a wide array of items, including products and services – such as internet bundles and mobile phones, News, weather, and money services, sport equipment – such as foot wear, racing gear, and other playing items, entertainment items – such as music, games, videos, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays, as well general lifestyle items, which include dining and dating products, and other forms of household gadgets. All in all, it can be concluded that Big Pond has a large inventory of retail items.

Prices of items at Big Pond are generally competitive with those in the local Australian market. Sales and discounts are offered on products. As an example, the TOMTOM XXL 540 In-Car GPS, which was initially marked at a retail selling price of $299.00 by the manufacturer, is being offered at only $199.00 in a sale at the Big Pond online store. With every item, its detailed features and specifications are listed, which makes price comparison rather easier. Goods bought through Big Pond Shopping may be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Details about any manufacturer’s warranty are displayed on the Big Pond Shopping website from time to time.

Delivery Policies
Big Pond has stated in its delivery policies that it only delivers retail products to regions inside Australia. Furthermore, Big Pond is unable to give its customers a guaranteed time of delivery, until it receives payments from them and the order is dispatched. If your purchase is a laptop, desktop computer package, then your delivery period can be up to 15 working days. If you have ordered more than one product and/or products of different Suppliers, they may arrive at different times and via different methods of transport. You are notified of the delivery charges when you are filling the online order form on Big Pond.

Payment Methods
You can pay on Big Pond via PayPal or on-line by using one of the following credit cards:
• MasterCard
• Visa
• American Express
• Diners Club


“Telstra and Big Pond have generally a bad name , due to complaints.
However, my experience has been at times, VERY frusrating with dealing with complaints and having to deal with overseas technician who at times , their english is poor and the accent very thick.

On the other hand, nobody can beat the speed of Telstra and the reliability of the product.”

– Denny16

“I have been with Telstra Bigpond for several years
and have found them to be excellent and very reliable. Any problems are easily dealt with in a reasonable time. However, I have experienced very few problems in more than 7 years with them.”

– Cappuccino9

Big Pond has a large variety of consumer items. It’s discounted prices on retail items that are in demand make it a strong contender in the huge list of online shopping stores in Australia. In a competitive market, balancing this act is quite difficult, and Big Pond appears to do this quite successfully.

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