Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: Review, Specification, Price and Availability in Australia

Amazon has recently unveiled its latest e-book reader, the Kindle Paperwhite... More »

Meet the New Kindle Family, Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite

In the Amazon Event at Sta. Monica, California, Amazon has released six (6) new kindle devices... More »

Does Amazon ship to Australia? YES.

You can purchase select items from Amazon USA even if you are in Australia... More »


Travelling And Leisure Bikes – The Best Deals From Online Australian Stores

Bicycles – whether they are small kid’s play bikes, or large adventurous mountain bikes fitted with cool gadgets like multiple gear sprockets, suspension springs and disc brakes – are always a hit in both urban and rural areas. Described by many as the cheapest, healthiest and most environmentally friendly way of travelling, bike riding is one of the most fun activities that you can engage in. Here, we take a look at some of the best deals in travelling and leisure bikes offered by online stores in Australia.

A Review Of The Razer Blade – The World’s Thinnest, Fastest, Sleekest Gaming Notebook

It doesn’t come so often that we see gaming laptops that try to re-design or re-define all that goes in the world of gaming laptops, but Razer has attempted to do just that with their new laptop – The Razer Blade.

LG Optimus G Pro Review

The LG Optimus G Pro is by far the largest smartphone LG has ever put out and it does come with a number of expected aspects. In a nutshell, it is a wonderful package with its large screen, numerous features, expandable memory and a replaceable battery. But is this enough to convince the average Australian customer to go ahead with its purchase? Read more to find out as we review the great and massive LG Optimus G Pro smartphone.

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity – A Review

Asus has quite a few number of tablets in its Transformer series lineup and the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity is probably the best amongst them. The unique tablet-notebook mobile hybrid boasts countless advancement over prior models and excels at almost everything it provides. Here is our take on the much-hyped device!

TopBuy’s Treat For Guitar Enthusiasts – The Best Guitar Deals In Town

The guitar has been amongst the most popular musical instruments around the world since the origins of music itself. The instrument is played and enjoyed by millions across the globe. Both guitar players and guitar music lovers in Australia are in for a treat, for TopBuy Australia, a famous online retail store in the region is now offering some of the best deals in guitar prices for young, aspiring and enthusiastic guitarists. Without further ado, here is our list of TopBuy’s best guitar deals in Australia. to Australia Shopping Guide

Amazon Australia

Online Shopping, without a doubt, causes several changes in the structure of the retail industry in Australia. According to a study conducted by PwC Australia in 2012, Australia online shopping accounts for 6.3% of the total retail sales in 2012. This is equivalent to $16 Billion of online retail expenditures in said year. Of said $16 Billion, $7.2 Billion or 45% were spent to offshore online stores. Among Aussies’ favorite offshore online stores is which is ranked by at #12 among the most visited websites in Australia.

Popular Offerings On Quilt Cover Sets From TopBuy Australia

Quilt Covers are considered an important bedroom accessory in all parts of the world. They add a subtle style and beauty to your bedroom interior in a profoundly simple way. A finely manufactured, comfortable quilt cover can go a long way to providing a good night’s sleep while also influencing a relaxingly calm outlook on the environment. We knew you might be interested in finding out more, so here are the popular offerings on quilt cover sets from TopBuy Australia.

Women’s Dresses – The Best Deals From Westfield Australia

Westfield Australia is amongst the prime runners when it comes to online shopping of clothing, apparel and fashion accessories in Australia. The store offers a profoundly huge variety of women’s dresses from international designer brands from all over the world. To ease the selection process for you, we have prepared a list of the best deals in women’s dresses from Westfield Australia. Enjoy!

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