Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: Review, Specification, Price and Availability in Australia

Amazon has recently unveiled its latest e-book reader, the Kindle Paperwhite... More »

Meet the New Kindle Family, Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite

In the Amazon Event at Sta. Monica, California, Amazon has released six (6) new kindle devices... More »

Does Amazon ship to Australia? YES.

You can purchase select items from Amazon USA even if you are in Australia... More »


Kindle Wi-Fi Price, Review and Specifications

This Kindle with five-way controller (or simply “Kindle”) is one of the latest additions to the Kindle Family introduced in 2011. It features a smaller body with the same 6″ E ink display with a five-way controller, replacing the keyboard. If you are looking into buying one of this Kindle model, our product review about it below might help you.

Amazon Kindle Australia Store

A few years ago, a major survey about reading was commissioned by the Australia Council for the Arts. According to the survey, about eighty-five (85) per cent of Australians are avid readers of poetry and literature. This simply shows that Australians are indeed fond of reading, especially books.

Goods Below AUD1000 are GST Free

Another thing which you have to consider when importing goods outside of Australia is the duty and taxes imposed on such imported goods.

USA and Australia Clothing Sizes and Electric Requirement Compared

amazon australia

One of the things that you should consider when purchasing items from another country, like those from the USA specifically from Amazon, is that some of the description of such item may vary from the standard applicable in Australia. Some of which are the sizes of clothing, shoes and the voltage requirement of electronic items.

Amazon Payment Methods and Resolving Payment Issues

Amazon Australia

If you are looking into purchasing some items at Amazon, you have to be sure that you have any of the allowed means by which you could make the payment. Is a debit card accepted? Does Amazon accept Paypal payments or does it accept wire transfer from Australia? Does Amazon sell gift cards? We’ll answer this questions in this article.

Could Amazon establish a local presence in Australia soon?

Amazon Australia

Amazon, the world’s largest online store, is reported to have plans of establishing local warehouse in Australia as part of its international distribution network. According to TheAge, Amazon is turning its eyes in Asia-Pacific region particularly the Land Down Under.

Amazon Global: Made Possible by Amazon and Amazon Merchants

Amazon Australia

In case you don’t know, is not the exclusive seller in its website. Amazon also welcomes merchants to sell their products at Amazon. Some of them, the delivery of which is fulfilled by Amazon while others have their own delivery terms. Since the company is based in USA, most of the products are delivered for free or for a minimal fee.

Strong Australian Dollar Makes USA Shopping Ideal

Amazon Australia

In the event that there actually has been any moment that a full Amazon buying spree created good sense it is right now since the financial worry in america has got destabilized the dollar substantially as compared to the Australian dollar.

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