Most Popular Kindle Fire Apps On Amazon App Store

With sales of Amazon’s Kindle Fire lineup on the rise, the demand for newer, faster, better and cheaper apps has grown manifold on Amazon’s App Store. We therefore thought it might be a good idea to prepare for you a list of the most popular Kindle Fire Apps that you can get from Amazon.

 Flow Free

This interactive puzzle game has the potential to eat away your time in an eye-flick. Flow Free features a large variety of levels which get progressively more difficult. The logical puzzles require you to connect same-colored dots without crossing other lines you have previously drawn on the screen. The Flow Free app can be downloaded directly on to your Android device (including your Kindle Fire) from the Amazon app store. Moreover, it is very addictive for a free-to-play game. Simple and engaging.

Price: $0.00 (Free, available for instant download)

AndroZip Root File Manager

It is always helpful to keep a handy file manager at your disposal, as it can allow you to manage files on your device fairly easily. It includes tools for not only organizing and finding your files, but also compressing files and allowing drag-and-drop motions for functionality.

Price: $2.49


Skype has been a very popular instant messaging software on the computer for quite a while now. The Skype app for Android devices works in pretty much the same way and is completely free to download and install. It is a great addition to your Kindle Fire e-reader device.

Price: $0.00 (Free, available for instant download)


A very large number of internet users have trouble finding the stories which interest them the most. They may also face difficulty in finding their much-desired content. There is a difference in browsing the web and discovering it – and this is something which StumbleUpon provides to its users. With a free StumbleUpon account, you can list what kinds of subject matter you like, and this cool app will show you little-known, bizarre, creative, or just plain interesting Web pages that meet your criteria.

Price: $0.00 (Free, available for instant download)


You may have guessed it from the obvious hint in the name – this is a task-management app. Put simply, it is a to-do list for all of your tasks. Using special Producteev apps, you can sync your tasks from a variety of platforms, which further enhances your working efficiency.

Price: $0.00 (Free, available for instant download)


Formerly named as Read It Later, Pocket is a very reader-friendly app, especially for those who are on the go. The app essentially allows you to add web pages to your reading list, which later on get downloaded on to your Kindle Fire. You can then read them offline even when you are out of Wi-Fi coverage. Very useful.

Price: $0.00 (Free, available for instant download)


Flipboard is an app that takes all your social network feeds, blog updates, and other professional content, and turns it into a stylish virtual magazine before presenting it to you. The app is very well designed eve for the novice user, and is highly customizable.

Price: $0.00 (Free, available for instant download)

Maxthon Mobile

The Kindle Fire comes with a very useful Web browser, but it is always a good idea to keep a backup. This is where Maxthon kicks in – it is an efficient and light web browser, fully featuring customization options, tabs, and all the other basics that you would want in your Kindle Fire tablet PC.

Price: $0.00 (Free, available for instant download)

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