Kogan – Australia’s Premier Technology Store

Kogan is an Australian discount store that primarily deals in technology items and electronic gadgets. Kogan sells a wide range of consumer electronics directly to shoppers, who are located all over the world. Kogan’s supply chain is such that it eliminates the need for the middle man. By cutting the middle men away, Kogan works directly with overseas factories, which allows it to sell the latest technologies to its customers at the lowest possible prices. The technologies that Kogan deals in include LCD, LED and 3D TVs, home appliances, cameras (DSLR and video), tablets and laptops, audio/sound systems, as well as smartphones.

Kogan only sells new products, and does not deal in refurbished items. According to Kogan, the prices that are displayed on the online store are the lowest possible prices, which Kogan offers to its customers by removing the middle men from the supply chain. All Kogan products are supplied with a minimum of 12 months warranty. Kogan also offers a 7 day money back guarantee, in accordance with its terms and conditions. Furthermore, items that are on sale are offered at discounted prices of up to and more than 20% – such as the 16” Kogan LED TV, which has a list price of $120, but is being offered for only $96.

Delivery Policies
All of Kogan’s items are delivered to you through customer service, and you will be required to sign tem upon receipt. Once you place an order, you receive an email, which provides you with tracking information that can help you track your order. Also, all of Kogan’s items are insured when they are shipped to you. Delivery times vary depending upon the location of the warehouse form where the orders are dispatched from, but they usually take 1 to 7 business days. The charges for your delivery are calculated automatically and displayed to you when you click on the ‘Add to cart’ and ‘Buy’ buttons on the item selection screen on the Kogan online store.

Payment Methods
Kogan accepts the following methods of payment:
• Visa
• MasterCard
• Paypal
• Direct bank deposit


“Bought a DAB digital radio from Kogan about 6 months ago. The nearest price for an in-store bought DAB radio was $200 more. Needless to say very happy with Kogan radio, hasn’t missed a beat so far.”

– Andy

“One of Kogan’s selling points is that they’re using the same components which the big brands use themselves. This is true to a point. Look at Sony’s range, and you’ll see that they’re all using components with the same branding, but not all are the same, hence the wide range in price between similarly sized models from the same manufacturer. In other words, Kogan might source cheaper TV components, to compete against the bigger brands on price, but he’s not going to be sourcing the best components which the big brands will put in their own higher end models.”

– Nev

Kogan is a hub for technology items for Australian customers. Not only does it offer a vast variety of sophisticated products to its customers, it also offers sales and discounts on those items. Delivery charges are low, and delivery is fast. This makes Kogan one of the best places to shop technology items in Australia.

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