Kindle Wi-Fi Price, Review and Specifications

This Kindle with five-way controller (or simply “Kindle”) is one of the latest additions to the Kindle Family introduced in 2011. It features a smaller body with the same 6″ E ink display with a five-way controller, replacing the keyboard. If you are looking into buying one of this Kindle model, our product review about it below might help you.

Size and Weight

This latest model of Kindle retains the screen size of the old model. It still has a 6″ inch E ink display. The overall size of the e-reader, however, has become a lot smaller than the previous model. The gadget’s size is now 6.5″ x 4.3″ x 0.34″. The previous model was 7.5″ x 4.8″ x 0.34″. It has also become lighter by 30% than the previous Kindle model. It now weighs only 5.98 ounces or 170 grams.

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What has apparently changed is that the keyboard had been removed and replaced by 5 keys that will control the navigation throughout the screen. The small buttons are (from left to right) Back, Keyboard, Menu and Home. The “Keyboard” button, the second from the left, brings out an onscreen keyboard which can be controlled by using the 4-way control button, the biggest key which is in the middle.



Kindle AustraliaAmazon used the most advanced E ink screen which delivers sharp and clear texts and images. You can read your favorite books as if your reading it on a paper. The bright sunlight is not even a problem at all unlike when you’re reading using an LCD screen device like a tablet. The screen reduces glares and cause less eye fatigues. So you can read comfortably for a longer time, something that you cannot do with a tablet.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Kindle has been one of its selling points. A single charge of this Kindle model lasts up to one (1) month with the wi-fi turned off and up to three (3) weeks if the wi-fi is turned on. Battery life also varies depending on how the device is used. It would take about three (3) hours to fully charge the device using the provided USB 2.0 connected to your computer. You can also charge it using the Australian Power adapter that is sold separately.


This Kindle supports Wi-Fi connection that use the 802.11b/g/n standard. You can connect to the Amazon Kindle Store through your home or public Wi-Fi connection. You can also use it for web browsing using the Experimental browser installed on the Kindle. This particular model does not support 3G connection.

Formats Supported

The Kindle currently supports the following formats:

  1. TXT
  2. Kindle (AZW)
  3. PDF
  4. HTML
  5. unprotected MOBI
  6. DOC
  7. DOCX
  8. GIF
  9. JPEG
  10. PNG
  11. BMP through conversion
  12. PRC natively


Kindle Australia StoreThis Kindle model has a built-in 2GB memory with only 1.25 GB available for user contents. This storage capacity is enough to store up to 1,400 books in the device. Imagine having 1,400 printed books, how many bookshelves do you need to store them?



Amazon KindleAs mentioned above, this model does not have a physical keyboard. However, this one has an on screen keyboard which will appear by clicking the second key from the left. This may be a bit of a nuisance especially when you need to type long phrases but anyway, Kindle was not made for word processing stuffs, so this won’t cause serious problems to its users.

The software also supports changing of fonts, font sizes, full image zoom, and fast page turns. It also has a built-in dictionary and capable of searching Wikipedia and the web using Google search. It also has an experimental browser which can be used for web browsing.

One of the downsides of this Kindle is its lack of audio. It does not support mp3 files and audio books and does not have a text-to-speech capability, features that the old model and other new models have.


Kindle Australia

Currently, this model is the cheapest Kindle ever made by Amazon. It cost $79.00 for the ad-supported version and $109.00 for the non-ad-supported one. The former version is not currently available for International Delivery. If you wish to buy one of this Kindle model, get the non-ad-supported one. Amazon ships it internationally. You can buy one by clicking this link.


The Kindle Wi-fi is one cheap and better choice for an electronic reader. With its very sleek design and E ink display, reading e-books would really be comfortable. We, at Australia Discounts, think that Amazon is by far the best manufacturer or e-reading devices. Kindle is actually the best that we have now.

 Buy Kindle

If you want to buy your own Kindle, we have written an article about ordering Kindle from Amazon. Here is the link.

Click here to purchase your own Amazon kindle device.

Kindle Technical Specifications

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