iPhone 5 to be launched on September 12; Availability in Australia

An event on September 12 was announced by Apple purportedly related to the release of the new iPhone, which could be named as iPhone 5. The event will take place in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, USA.

The members of the press received invitations from Apple which doesn’t actually tell what’s going to happen. Below is the invitation Apple sent to the media.

Apple iPhone 5

As you can see, the invitation only tells “It’s almost here.” and number “12” and a shadow that casts number “5”. The statement seems to refer to the launch of something that has been highly anticipated. Number “12” certainly means the 12th of September which is the date of the event. Number “5” could mean the iPhone 5. Putting everything together, on September 12th, Apple is launching its highly anticipated device, the iPhone 5.

As mentioned, the event is taking place on September 12; that’s Wednesday and will start at 10:00 am (San Francisco time). Translating that in Australian time, that’s 3:00 am on Thursday September 13.

What iPhone 5 looks like and how it differs from iPhone 4S remains unanswered. All questions will be answered in the launch.

When will it be available in Australia? iPhone 4S was released in Australia at the same time as in USA. So, there’s a possibility that Aussies will get device at the same time that it becomes available in USA.

Are you excited for the September 12 event? Are you seeing yourself getting an iPhone 5 as soon as it becomes available? Share us you thoughts.

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