iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD – A Comparison

Apple have shown out their new iPad Mini, signaling a noteworthy shift into the 7-inch tablet market worldwide, while on the other hand, Amazon have had their own Kindle Fire HD 7-inch tablet PC out for a few months now. Here’s is a quick look as to how things shake up between the two state-of-the-art tablets.


The iPad Mini will cost you around ₤269 for the 16 GB dedicated storage memory version, with Wi-Fi only. This makes it considerably pricier than the Kindle Fire HD, which currently retails at ₤159 for the 16 GB dedicated storage model.

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For further pricing details on the iPad Mini, click here.

Weight, Size And Dimensions

The iPad Mini features a 7.9 inch screen (which is quite smaller than its full-scale version). The tablet is capable of displaying resolutions as high as 1024 x 768 pixels. It also incorporates a rich an vibrant 164 ppi (Pixels Per Square Inch) screen. Physically, the iPad Mini has dimensions of 200 x 134.7 x 7.2 mm in size, and it weighs 308 grams without any accessories.

Compare that with the Kindle Fire HD 7 inch tablet, and what you see is a considerably better 1280 x 800 pixels’ resolution display, at an impressive 216 ppi (Higher, hence better) on the Kindle Fire HD. However, with dimensions measuring as 193 x 137 x 10.3 mm, you should note that the former is at least 3 mm thicker in depth than the Apple iPad Mini.

Technical Specifications


The scaled down version of Apple’s original iPad, the iPad Mini, hosts an incredibly fast processor – the Apple A5 chip – specifically designed by Apple for its smartphones and tablet PC handheld systems. Speaking of Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD 7-inch, the tablet has been equipped with an impressive 1.20 GHz, TI OMAP Processor.


Apple’s iPad Mini borrows much from the iPad 2, and as such, features 512 MB of RAM. Amazon fans can rejoice since the Kindle Fire HD, equipped with 1 GB of RAM, beats the iPad Mini in this regard.


Both Amazon and Apple are competitively serious about delivering solid battery life in their handheld devices. According to manufacturers’ estimates, the Apple iPad Mini can deliver more than 10 hours of battery life while running web-based services through Wi-Fi, and is quite similar to the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, which provides a little less than 11 hours of battery life, running the same web-based services.


The iPad 5 runs on iOS6, whereas the Kindle Fire HD 7 inch tablet runs a heavily customized version of the Android 4.0. There is no denying that Apple’s iOS firmware has been a huge hit in the market, with its smooth response time and ease of accessibility. On the other hand, the Android smartphone firmware has indeed received complaints of bugs, crashes, and slow response times in the past. Having said that, it continues to withhold its strong standing in the market, and still runs on the majority of smartphones, tablets and handheld devices which are available out there today. With the Kindle Fire HD, Amazon have simplified the Android experience for novice users, and it should suffice to say that the tablet runs like a charm.

Camera And Connectivity

The iPad Mini comes with a 5MP camera on the back, and an HD, 1.2 MP camera on the front, as well as a lighting connectivity cable. The Kindle Fire HD just gives you a 1.3 MP camera on the front, but it does have better connectivity options with mini USB and mini HDMI ports.


We hope that this iPad Mini vs. Kindle Fire HD comparison review has helped you in determining the handheld tablet PC of your choice. If you want simplicity and great performance at a lower budget, go for the Kindle Fire HD. If you want greater functionality, and are not constrained by budget limitations, we recommend the iPad Mini. Both tablets are undoubtedly the finest, state-of-the-art devices, and either of them should suit you fine. We wish you good luck in your purchase!

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