How To Buy Kindle Paperwhite in Australia

The Kindle Paperwhite has been available since October 1 in USA. Since the launch, we have been receiving emails and comments asking us how to get one in Australia. So, we decided to write this post which lists down the options on how to get a Kindle Paperwhite in Australia.

The best and cheapest option is to use Freight Forwarder.

Kindle Paperwhite is currently available only in the US and Amazon does not ship the same anywhere else. So your option is to buy it from Amazon, then ship it to a US address that is being provided by a freight forwarder, then ship it to Australia. Kindle Paperwhite is now available for shipping from directly to Australia. Click here for more details.


As you may have read, is one of the best freight forwarders in the world.

If you want to use Shipito’s services, you need to follow these procedure:

1. BOOKMARK this page. The process requires several verification and you have to go to a few number of websites to complete. So it’s advisable to bookmark this page so you can easily check your progress

2. Sign up with Shipito. Click here and create an account. Signing up is FREE but you will need to deposit a minimum amount of $8.50 that will cover the expenses for your first package. Be sure to complete the process and provide Shipito the requirements they will ask you to submit. If you have questions on how it works, visit this page.

Buy Kindle Paperwhite Australia

3. After your account has been processed, you’ll receive a USA Street Address similar to this one:

Your name
(address will be specified during registration)
Suite # (box number)
Torrance, CA 90503

4. If your USA Address is ready, you can now buy a Kindle Paperwhite at

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

5. When ordering, use your USA Street Address as your Shipping Address and fill in your payment details as you would normally do.

6. Finish the check out process until your order is finally placed. If it is your first time to use Amazon, some credit card verification may be required. Just follow the instructions given to you and everything will run smoothly. You will be charged $119.00 for the device and a minimal fee of about $7.00 for shipping the device to your USA address.

7. Amazon will then ship your Kindle Paperwhite to your USA street address. Shipito will inform you through email if they have received your package.


8. You will need to fill a Customs Declaration form for clearance purposes. Fortunately, Australian Customs does not charge duties to items below A$1000.

9. Shipito will ship your Kindle Paperwhite to your address in Australia. Postage to Australia will be automatically calculate and you can select what is the best shipping method for you. Once you select the shipping method and schedule mail out, Shipito will ship your package. Below are the estimated rates for shipping Kindle Paperwhite from Shipito’s warehouse to Australia: (Note: These are only estimates and fees may turn out to be higher.)

Shipping Rates for Kindle Paperwhite

10. Wait for your Kindle Paperwhite to be sent to your home.

Depending on what shipping option you select, you may have a Kindle Paperwhite in Australia for less that $150.00. That’s fair enough.

Note however that as of this writing, Amazon ships the device within 5-7 weeks the week of December 17th; so it may take time before you can get a hand of the device. This is obviously caused by the low supply but very high demand for the device. So everyday that you let go without ordering your device might mean that you could not get a hand on it in time for Christmas.

Other Options

Here are the other options:

  1. If you have a relative or friend in the US, ask him to buy one for you and have it shipped to Australia.
  2. If you happen to go to US, buy the device while you’re there.
  3. There are some stores in Australia that sells the device. However, the price might not persuade you to buy it from them. Here are some stores and their respective prices for Kindle Paperwhite:
    1. – A$219-299.95
    2. – A$239.00 (update: SOLD OUT)


Kindle Paperwhite, as the many experts’ reviews suggest, is the best ereader in the market to date. However, the availability of the device seems to be very limited. Because of the demand and the difficulty in acquiring stocks, local retailers are selling the device with a higher price tag. So for those who want to save their money, using a freight forwarder is the best option they have.

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5 Responses to How To Buy Kindle Paperwhite in Australia

  1. Jay Dunning says:

    Two things:
    1. I want to buy a Kindle Paperwhite but do not understand the American Address thing. I do not want a USA address I want my Kindle to be sent directly to Australia. What do you say?
    2. I lost my last Kindle and want to make sure no one finds it and uses my credit card. What do I do?

    • admin says:

      1. Kindle Paperwhite is only shipped by Amazon in the US. It does not yet ship directly to Australia unlike the previous models. The USA address will be used to buy from Amazon then Amazon will deliver it to that address and the provider of that address will send it to your address in Australia. That’s how it works. If you want it to be directly delivered to you, you have to buy from other sellers like those in But you have to pay the extra price they charge.

      2. Look for Manage your kindle. It is possible to deregister your lost Kindle there so that your account will be secured. You can find more info here.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Because of this site, I now have a kindle paperwhite being shipped from shipito’s warehouse to Australia. The service shipito provide is terrific, thank you for making this option aware to me.

    • Kathryn says:

      Hi Charlotte,

      Im looking into my options re getting my hands on the Kindle Paperwhite. How long did it take to get yours shipped and would you recommend Shipito? As expected Im a little nervous about ordering one this way.

  3. TK says:

    What are the implications on warranty when the device is shipped to a US addressed and then forwarded to an Australian address?

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