GraysOnline – A Classic Australian Store Now Online

The trend of opening up retail stores, and launching their websites on the internet over the world-wide web to allow customers to do online shopping, is picking up great pace. One such store is GraysOnline, which is an Australian online retail and auction company. It offers a vast range of industrial, commercial, and consumer goods to its customers, directly from the manufacturers and distributers. GraysOnline primarily deals in consumer electronics, furniture, home appliances and garden equipment, jewelry, and also industrial equipment, dealing with automotive, mining, and construction, manufacturing, and agricultural fields. They can also help you to sell your access stocks or surplus assets.

At GraysOnline, auctions are regularly held. The prices displayed on the items during these auctions can be inclusive, or exclusive of the general sales tax, and therefore you need to check this information in the description prior to placing a bid. Sometimes, GST free items are also offered for sale. Goods can be returned if they are damaged in transit, or do not work on arrival. You can also return an item if you are not satisfied with it, but certain conditions apply. On the online store, you can go to the sales section, to see how much discount is offered, and on what items.

Delivery Policies
GraysOnline have provided a ‘Shipping Calculator’ on their website, which is a tool that can help you calculate the shipping charges on a particular item when it is held up for auction. This ensures that you are able to view all freight charges before bidding on that particular item. The cost of the item rate depends on the weight and size of the item. As far as delivery times are concerned, the delivery of your item can take anywhere up to 10 business days, depending upon where you want to get the order delivered, and the size and weight of the order.

Payment Methods
GraysOnline accepts all major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, Diners and American Express – for payment of Auction and Buy Now invoices under $5000. Where the invoice amount is over $5,000this is to be paid for by direct deposit within 2 days of the auction closing.


“I’ve bought several items from GraysOnline in one transaction. Two of them have a large scratch and one of them has a minor defect, Grays didn’t even mention it in the item description. When I’ve told them about this they just don’t care at all. The customer service is terrible, took almost 2 weeks to reply my third email (They don’t reply to my first and second emails). They will try their best to avoid the warranty, and avoid you overall! Not to mention the slow shipping and hidden cost in the auction. Use a different website to buy online, you better have nothing to do with them at all.”

– Euronymous

“I’ve bought from Grays from the early days.
Over time they’ve gone downhill to the point where they are not worth touching.
My last two emails have been flatly ignored altogether, no response and my business worth about 45,000 over the years means nothing apparently.

Normally the staff are good however we encountered [name removed] a parking attendant at Acacia Ridge, Brisbane and he was just plain rude.
Will not use them again.
Use only if you enjoy pain, poor customer service and many products littered with faults.”

– jjmmav

Grays is an olds Australian store, and has a heritage spanning almost 100 years. GraysOnline made its first online auction back in 2000, and it sells more than 120,000 items every month to both consumers and businesses. However, be sure to check the customer reviews before making a purchase, since GraysOnline has had some complaints in the past.

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