Free 3G Coverage in Australia for your Kindle

If you purchased a Kindle Touch (Wi-Fi + 3G version) , Kindle Keyboard (Wi-Fi + 3G version) or Kindle DX, you have the privilege to freely access available 3G connection for purposes of buying kindle books from Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Yes, the 3G data connection is FREE of charge, no monthly fees, no annual contracts. However, the connection can only be used in accessing the Amazon Kindle Store to download e-books. This data connection is paid for by Amazon and its cost may have been considered in setting the price for the device. It’s actually a good way to promote the product, especially that most Australians try to avoid data charges. This may attract more Australians to purchase the 3G versions of the Kindle.

According to Amazon, it would only take about 60 seconds to download a book from their store using this connection. Hundreds of thousands of books are now available to be downloaded by Australians. The books can be purchased from as little as less than a dollar while the best sellers’ price ranges from $9.99-$11.99.

The 3G connection also depends if you are within the coverage area. To find out if you can access the free data connection, refer to the coverage map.

3G Connection Australia

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