Fishpond – Australia’s Biggest Book And Toys Store, often abbreviated simply as Fishpond, is said to be Australia’s biggest book store. Whether this claim is true or not is another matter entirely, however, when you visit the online store of Fishpond, you will definitely be amazed by their extremely huge collection of books. In addition to books, Fishpond also deals in music and movies, and also operates in New Zealand. Kids’ toys and playing items, along with women’s clothing and fashion wear are also being offered now. When buying at Fishpond, you will not have to juggle through currency, as prices of all products are already displayed in Australian Dollars.

Since it is primarily a book shop, Fishpond offers discounts on the prices of books (up to 20% or more), but at times, these are also offered on other types of merchandize. Furthermore, Fishpond is a New Zealand based company, which means that no general sales tax (GST) is applied on items which are shipped to Australia. For shipping with New Zealand, the GST is charged at 15% the price of the item. Fishpond also offers a pre-order price guarantee, which means that if the price of an item drops in the market at the time of release, you have to pay less. Gifts and gift vouchers are also offered at periodic intervals. Refunds and returns are also offered on items purchased at Fishpond.

Delivery Policies
Standard shipping, as offered by Fishpond, is free on all orders sent to anywhere inside Australia and New Zealand. If you wish to send your own item to sell at Fishpond, then you have to pay a handling fee of $4.99. You will also receive an email when your order is shipped, which will include the delivery method. Delivery times within Australia range from 2-5 days, depending upon where you live, while delivery to remote areas can take even longer. International shipping rates are much higher, reaching up to almost $20 per single item, while the delivery time can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days.

Payment Methods
Fishpond accepts Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Cheque, PayPal and Australia Post Money Order.
The following credit cards can be used on
• Visa
• Mastercard
The details for each payment method are provided during check-out.


“I am a repeat customer to this site – have bought books and CDs that have been hard to source in stores and other internet sites. I have purchased books months before they appear in bookstores and have asked questions before purchasing which were promptly & helpfully answered. Their service has been excellent and Fishpond has staggered the dispatch of items rather than waiting until the slower items reached the warehouse. Love the free shipping on orders over $49. Will be shopping here again and again…”

 – Fishpond Customer

“I like sites that are succinct and quick to find what you want without excess promotions of other areas. This is one of the few times I have purchased books online but due to a move to the country I shall use it much more. Using Google Fishpond was the first site I was sent to and I can’t see a reason to look elsewhere (unless my books don’t turn up of course).”

 – Anonymous Customer

When you visit Fishpond, you will be greeted by the headline in the center, which says, “Sell Your old stuff for cash, it’s easier than Ebay”. Fishpond’s warehouse has been chosen to be closer to the airport, to quicken delivery of items, and its large collection of books definitely makes it a place worth visitng. Click here to see for yourself.

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