Consumer Electronics Show CES 2013 Roundup

The Consumer Electronics Show-CES 2013 was held in Las Vegas from January 8 to January 11 at the very beginning of this year. It went off to a flying start, and offered lots of stuff to both conventional users and technology enthusiasts to get excited about. Here is a round-up from this year’s CES event.

Day 1

Lenovo opened by with its Lenovo Horizon Table PC, which was designed with interpersonal play in mind, and a big emphasis on shared user experience. It runs on Windows 8, and boasts a large 21-inch, 10-point multi-touch screen. The Horizon has been pinned for a summer 2013 release, with an estimated price of US $1,669.

Sony displayed their new contestant on the smartphone scene, the Sony Xperia Z, and it has indeed managed to turn some heads. The Sony Xperia Z hosts an impressive 5-inch full High Definition LCD display, powered by the company’s Bravia technology, as well as a 13.1 Mega Pixel camera. All of this is powered by a Quad-Core Snap Dragon S4 Pro chip running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It is also dust and water resistant, and looks to be Sony’s strongest smartphone yet.

The New Sony Xperia Z

NVIDIA began their show with their new Tegra 4 chip of next generation super-fast smartphone processors. Packing a staggering 74 GPU of cores and support for ultra-High Definition as well as 4G, it is four times as fast as its predecessor. While the Tegra 4 chip is till not announced to be used in smartphones, NVIDIA is loading this processor into its hand-held gaming system, dubbed Project Shield and resembling a modified Xbox 360 controller. Shield features a flip up 5-inch multi-touch screen with a resolution of 720p. Running on Android Jelly Bean, this device will let the users stream games from any compatible PC, as well as stream content from Shield on to any compatible PC.

The NVIDIA Shield Protoype

It was all TVs again when it came to Samsung, who opened up the show with their F8000 TV. If you are wondering how big the screen was on this LED TV, you will be amazed to know that it measured at an astounding 85 inches in size. The F8000, with its huge 85-inch screen is a 4k TV, which means that it supports a horizontal resolution size in excess of 4000 pixels. It has a quad-core processor and S recommendations. Samsung have also announced a new camera, as well as an update to the Series 9 laptops.

The 85-Inch Samsung F8000 TV With 4K Resolution

Panasonic was up next and it was all TVs again, with the updated WT series of television sets and a new camera, the ZS30. The ZS30 has a 20x Optical Zoom, in addition of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Panasonic WT LED TV

Asus sneaked in a tablet announcement in the shape of the Asus Vivotab Smart.

The ASUS Vivotab Smart

Day 2

On Day 2, Chinese manufacturer ZTE lifted the lid off its latest smartphone. The ZTE Grand S features a 5-inch LCD screen and a 13.1 Mega Pixel camera, as well as a front facing 2.0 Mega Pixel lens. It is powered by a Quad-Core Snap Dragon S4 processor, and is 4G enabled.

ZTE Grand S

Panasonic wowed audiences by showing off a prototype Windows 8 tablet with a dazzling 20-inch 4k screen. The jumbo device is being marketed as a business tool and comes equipped with a stylist. Little information was given as to the exact specifications of this device, but it is expected to be quite pricey given its target market.

Panasonic Winows 8 Tablet PC

Samsung surprised both convention goers as well as its own staff by revealing the world’s first curved OLED TV. The brand series name for the TV has not been announced yet, but it features a 55-inch concave LED screen, and it should be available late 2013.

Samsung’s New Concave-Curved OLED TV

Next came Canon with its Powershot N camera. The bike-sized Canon Powershot N has been designed to let users take photos quickly and easily.  The camera can be paired with a smartphone at the touch of the button. It features a 12 Mega Pixel lens, 8 times optical zoom, and 16 times digital zoom. It also features a tilting 2.5 inch touchscreen with built-in Wi-Fi. This new camera from Canon will be available around April 2013, with a price tag of around £299.

Canon Powershot N

Day 3

Day 3 kicked off with Razer displaying their Razer Edge gaming tablet, which is the world’s first tablet specifically designed for gaming. The tablet-laptop hybrid comes in standard and pro editions, with the latter packing a bit more specification than its other sibling. The Razer Edge runs on Windows 8 and has a 10-inch 720p screen. It also comes with a unique game pad case featuring buttons and controls for more demanding users and hardcore gaming enthusiasts. The Razer Edge and the Edge Pro are set for arrival in the US in the first quarter of 2013, costing US $999 and US $1299 respectively.

The Razer Edge

As expected, there was no mention of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung’s keynote address, but there was still a lot of mobile related news to go on. For starters, it was the company’s new mobile chip, te Exynos 5 Octa. This new processor is expected to be more than 70% efficient than the previous Exynos, and can perform exceptionally well even with power hungry task such as gaming and heavy multi-tasking.

Samsung also gave audiences a glimpse of the mobile future by showing off its flexible screen technology called Youm. The display is a thin plastic that can bend and folded with almost no risk of breakage. Samsung displayed a prototype smartphone of this new technology, which also had the ability to display incoming text messages from a side-on angle.

The Samsung Youm

Microsoft CTO also came on to demonstrate a prototype Windows 8 phone with a strip-like flexible display.

The kick starter funded Pebble smart watches were also put on to display. Mass production of these smart watches has been announced, and they are expected to begin distribution by January 23rd. The Pebble can be synced with Android and also iOS devices to receive notifications like text messages and email alerts, as well as tweets, Facebook alerts and weather updates. It can also be used to screen phone calls and as a remote for smartphone users. The Pebble has been handed a price tag of US $150.

Pebble Kickstarter Smartwatches

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