Which Kindle Should You Buy?


Kindle Australia

Choose the Kindle Fire if:

Kindle AustraliaYou want a more-than-an-e-book-reader device

The Kindle Fire is not a dedicated e-book reader. It is in fact a tablet. Therefore, you can do more with the device and will not be limited to just reading e-books. You can monitor emails, play games, create documents and other stuffs using the native apps as well as those available in the android app market.

Kindle AustraliaYou a colored screen reader with an HD and larger display

The Kindle Fire uses an LCD screen and not the E ink display used in the e-reader family. The latter support only 16-level grayscale while the Fire outputs up to 16 million colors. You also have the option to choose between a cheaper 7″ Kindle Fire and another of the same size but boasting an HD display. If 7″ is still too small for you, you can get the 8.9″ version that also features an HD display and you also have the option for 4G LTE connectivity.

Kindle AustraliaYou want more storage capacity

The Kindle Fire has 8 GB-64 GB storage capacity, depending on the model you choose.

Kindle AustraliaYou want an amazingly fast browser

The Kindle Fire is installed with Amazon Silk, which is a very fast web browser. The other models have the Experimental Browser.

Kindle AustraliaYou want more contents.

Since this is a tablet, you can store, open and edit more variety of contents. You can play movies and songs as well as read documents. All functions depend on the availability of apps

DO NOT choose the Kindle Fire if:

Kindle Australia Wi-fiYou already have an Android tablet.

The Kindle Fire is just another tablet. While Amazon may have customized the Android OS in this device, there’s not that much difference as compared with other android tablets. Maybe if you have an iPad and you want to try the Android environment, Kindle Fire is the best choice.

Kindle Wi-FiYou will use it for reading purposes only

The Kindle Fire is not a dedicated e-reader though the reading features may have been customized and optimized for better user experience. Just pick any of the other Kindle e-reading devices if you are looking for a dedicated e-reading device.

KindleYou want a no-battery-charging-for one-month device

The Kindle Fire, being a tablet device, the system of which consumes much power compared to the Kindle with E ink display. The Kindle Fire can only last up to 11 hours, very far from the 1-2 month battery like of the other models.

Kindle AustraliaYou hate eye strains

Since the Kindle Fire has an LCD screen and not an E ink display, glares are inevitable.

 Does Kindle Fire fit your need? Buy it here.

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