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Trends And Statistics In Australia’s Digital Online Economy

According to a report featured on, the market share of online merchandizing in Australia currently stands at a solid 5-7% of the overall Australian market in early 2013. While considered by many to be still too low, online sales have been growing at a high and steady 20-30% annual rate in the recent few years.

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Growing Online Shopping Trends In Australia And New Zealand

According to a recent study conducted by the PwC Network regarding the online commerce sector in Australia and New Zealand, web-based consumer economy is expected to rise steadily in the next four years.

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Amazon Boasts High Profits After Last Year’s Holiday Season

Amazon Australia

Launched in early 1995, Amazon has grown rather quickly as an online marketplace. It has seen an exponential rise both in its customer base as well as its side-businesses and holdings. The company is now considered to be one of the largest online stores in the world.

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Consumer Electronics Show CES 2013 Roundup

The Consumer Electronics Show-CES 2013 was held in Las Vegas from January 8 to January 11 at the very beginning of this year. It went off to a flying start, and offered lots of stuff to both conventional users and technology enthusiasts to get excited about. Here is a round-up from this year’s CES event.

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