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Car Sales is an online Australia store that deals in the buying and selling of both new and used cars. Limited is a publicly owned company, whose goal is to bring to its customers the best automotive classified website in Australia. Car Sales is operated by a team of over 370 staff, spread nationwide in Australia, and aims to provide a convenient and readily accessible service to its Australian customers, and to lower the cost of automotive classified advertising in Australia. The main head office of Car Sales is located in Richmond, and according to the website, it attracted more than 3.8 million customers in September 2011.

Price offers two levels of private advertising to its customer – standard ads for $60 and premium ads for $110. Other terms and conditions also apply. For payment processing, uses secure 128-bit encryption to process your credit card details and believes this to be very secure. Since there can be more than one seller for a certain make and model of a used car, prices can vary for cars of the same makes and models. You can also purchase new cars at, which offers different brands of car – in all body types, be it sedans, coupes, convertibles, SUVs, or any other body type – and their prices vary accordingly.

Delivery Policies
Although an online shopping site, due to the nature of its business, works somewhat differently than other online merchandizing sites. offers a platform for buyers and sellers to meet together in one place, and make a transaction. If you want to sell your used car, you will first have to post its advertisement on the website, based on their given guidelines. You will then be contacted by interested buyers, and you will have to discuss the terms of the delivery then. If you are a buyer, you will need to go through the class ads to find the particular car you are looking for, or you can also search for it. Delivery of new cars is provided by Car Sales Australia on its own, but it is subject to other conditions.

Payment Methods
You can choose to pay at Car Sales Australia either by credit card, BPay, or by cheque/postal order.


Amazing Result!
“I listed my car at 2am and by 9am I had it sold that day, amazing result! I have had approximately 10 interested parties/offers in three days! Yes my car was on for a great price for a quick sale but I am happy at the result! Thank you, you listed it quickly and kept me informed.”

Amanda – NSW
June 2012

Give it a go
“Thought we’d give it a go, just to see what happens. A few days later a few enquiries, one genuine.. which was the first person to see the car – bought it that day. SOLD in a week or so of advertising, close to asking price. I even cried when I sold the car, because I loved it so much for over 10 years, but since the buyer was so lovely, I let it go to a good home and a loving family. I wonder if anyone else has experienced the same emotion as I did, so quickly and unexpectedly. “

Trudy – NSW
April 2012

Car Sales Australia is a vast market place for both used and new cars. You can virtually find any car, of any make and model that you are looking for n this website. Its huge listings of used cars are also an added advantage. If you are planning to purchase a car, you should definitely check out.

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