Borders – One Of The Finest Bookshops In The World is the online shopping web portal of Borders Inc., which began as a book shop in 1972. It was established by Tom and Louis Borders in Michigan. As it grew and expanded, it came to known as one of the world’s finest bookshops. Borders then made its expansion into the Australian market in 1998, when its first store was opened up in the jam Factory in South Yarra. In addition to all types and genres of books, Borders now also deals in CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, as well as electronics, home ware, stationary items, along with e-books and audio books.

When you visit the online website of Borders, you are greeted with the phrase, “great prices, free delivery”. All prices quoted on the site are in Australian Dollars. When a title is shipped within Australia, its list price also includes the general sales tax (GST). If the item is shipped from outside Australia, it is free from the GST. Borders also arranges the End Of Financial Year Sale every year, where you can get 20% off books, dvd and blu-ray, CDs, stationery and gift items and 10% off eReaders and eReader accessories. Generally, the prices of items are reasonable, especially if you are purchasing them in bulk.

Delivery Policies
When you place an order via, you receive an email confirmation, which is followed by another dispatch email once your order is shipped. However, Borders does not use a tracker service to track the shipment. As far as delivery times are concerned, ebooks can be instantly downloaded once you pay for them, whereas books that are in stock at the Melbourne store are shipped locally within 24 hours, and are normally received in 2 – 3 days after the dispatch. Books that are dispatched from stores other than the Melbourne store can take 7 – 10 working days to be received.

Payment Methods
Borders Australia accepts the following forms of payments:
1. Visa
2. MasterCard
3. American Express
4. PayPal


“I don’t dislike Borders, but I dont necessarily think it is any better than any of the other book shops around.

It has a fairly good range and due to the pure size of my local one, chances are it will have a better range. The books themselves are generally quite expensive and you can get them a heap cheaper online (and here starts the down fall of the book shop!). The stationary and accessories they have are really cute, but again expensive.”

– Euronymous

“Great store my nearest Borders is 2 hours away, however when I do go I enjoy it alot. The range is incredible and I seem to find anything I’m looking for. I find the customer service is poor and they really don’t want to know you.”

– J_xo

Borders aim to be the best loved provider of books, entertainment and informational products and services. Often praised as one of the finest book shops in the world, it is a place where customers can browse alone for hours, or rely on the friendly and well-informed staff to find exactly what they were looking for. To visit, click here.

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