Best LCD LED Tvs And Home Theatre Systems Available In Australia Right Now

TV makers and Home Theater Systems manufacturers are throwing a ton of tech at us this year, from 3D to HDTV to LED LCD TV. From all those features, LED is the the which you are going to use everytime you turn on the television. On the other hand, while purchasing a home theatre syste, you need to make sure that it comes with a fully functional 5.1 surround sound sysem, and that the subwoofer is powerful enough to create a reasonable amount of bass in your living room. Here, we will mention some of the most popular TV and Home Theatre systems which you can purchase now, and where you can find them in Australia.

LED LCD Television Sets

Samsung UA46ES6700 Series

The Samsung UA46ES6700 Series LED LCD Television Sets have better black levels than many other edge-lit television sets which are available in thin form factors. It converts 2D to 3D, which works quite well, but you shouldn’t set this as your preference while purchasing a new TV set. Also note that the Samsung UA46ES6700 Series comes with two pairs of 3D glasses, so you may not need to purchase them separately.

Sony KDL40EX650 Series

First and foremost – the Sony KDL40EX650 Series LED LCD TV sets are capable of displaying great black-levels of colors, which is like the Holy Grail for LCD Tvs of any kind. It handles films on DVD quality really well, which sets it apart from many other television sets. This allows you to view your old DVD movies without a blurred and fuzzy display, and gives them a sharp, clear touch. The Sony KDL40EX650 Series is 3D compatible, and has an attractive monolithic look, but is quite pricey than other comparable LED LCD television sets available out there in the market today.

LG 42LS5700 Series

With superb black levels, accurate color, and a reasonably good off-angle view, the LG 42LS5700 LED LCD TV series is a very good TV set for lower-budget consumers. It does offer cinema-level 3D TV, in addition to several other features, such as streaming video services and wired ethernet.

LG 55LM6400 Series

Think of this as the big brother to the LG 42LS5700 Series – the LG 55LM6400 offers all the features which the LG 42LS5700 has to offer, in addition to a number of other enhancements. It has a much thinner profile – about 1.3 inches thin, a super skinny bezel around the screen, as well as 2D to 3D conversion capability. For a more detailed list on its feature set, click here.

Samsung UA55ES Series

The Samsung 55 Inch Full HD Smart 3D LED LCD TV is one of its kind. The television set displays video in a massive 1920 x 1080 resolution, and has USB recording capability, along with a LAN port, web browser and Wi-Fi. The built-in 3D capability is top-notch, and you receive two pairs of 3D glasses along with your purchase. If you are looking forward to purchasing an LED LCD 3D TV for yourself, then this could probably be your best investment.

Order the Samsung UA55 ES Series Smart TV from JB-Hi Online now by clicking here.

Home Theatre Systems

Sony HCD-DZ870W Home Theatre System

The Sony HCD-DZ870W Home Theatre System is a 5.1 speaker system (a set of 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer), and comes with S-Air wireless rear speakers. The sound system offers surround sound, with amazingly great sound quality. The interface on the control panel is also very user-friendly. Additionally, the control unit has a fully integrated iPod\iPhone dock, which also charges your device.
To purchase the Sony HCD-DZ870W Home Theatre System in Australia, click here.
For other Sony Home Theathre Systems, visit Ebay Australia.

Pioneer TODOROKI522 Home Theatre System

This is a 950 Watt, home theatre system, with a 5.1 speaker configuration. It hosts 4 HDMI inputs, and and has a powerful 200 Watt front firing subwoofer. It also enables you to attach an iPod or an iPhone with it, allowing you to play your favorite media through your handheld device. For further details on the Pioneer TODOROKI522 5.1 Home Theatre System, click here.

Panasonic SC-BTT190GNK Home Theatre System

The Pansonic 1000 Watt Home Thatre System offers 5.1 channel surround sound, and engages you in a unique, immersive 3D cinema experience. It is capable of playing via iPod or Blu-Ray, as well as USB movie, music and picture playback. Definitely among our top-most recommended products!

We hope you have found this review on the best LCD LED TVs and Home Theatre system in Australia helpful. Remember that before you make a plan to purchase a new electronics device for your home, you must first decide on the budget which you will spend. Money spent wisely on a good, reliable product is, after all, money well spent.

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