Best Deals In Home Theatre Systems From TopBuy Australia

With the current era booming in terms of great quality productions, high definition video and surround sound audio quality, home theatre systems become a must when you want to enjoy the cinematic experience at home. For movie buffs and cinema enthusiasts, TopBuy offers some of the best deals in home theatre systems in Australia. Here they are.

LG 3D HTB Wireless System

The LG 3D HTB Wireless Home Theatre System comes with the company’s proprietary LG Smart & 3D Blu-Ray Playback technology. The LG Smart function offers a multitude of popular entertainment and Apps for the user to indulge in, and at the back end, it takes of a vast deal of processing in order to deliver an immersive 3D viewing experience in addition to a powerful 3D sound.

TopBuy Price: $620.95 (With 32% Savings)

Sony 5.1 Channel Full Tallboy Blu-ray Home Theatre System (BDVE690)

With an exquisite six channel audio, the Sony Tallboy Home Theatre System offers true surround sound experience. The BDVE690 is the perfect step up solution from a satellite Blu-ray home theatre. The system features multiple playback options for powerful sound, and with the added hardware, you can watch High-Definition TV, enjoy your DVD and Blu-ray movies, and also indulge in online music and movies. This home theater system is Wi-Fi enabled and thus offers great connectivity for your online web browsing needs.

TopBuy Price: $465.01 (With 32% Savings)

Samsung 7.1 Channel Home Theatre System (HTE6750W)

Samsung is one of Sony’s biggest rivals in the home theatre system market, and the rather new Samsung HTE6750W Home Theatre System really toughens up the competition for Sony. An astounding eight channels deliver premium surround sound experience to the listener, and is something that you will normally expect from a very high-end state-of-the-art equipment. With an incredible amount of features such as web browsing USB Host 2.0, CD ripping, FM tuner and iPod/iPhone compatibility, among many others, this is one of Samsung’s finest home theatre systems.

TopBuy Price: $865.95 (With 37% Savings)

Philips Blu-Ray Home Theatre System (HTS5590)

Blu-Ray is gradually replacing DVDs as the preferred medium for data storage, and with its high storage capacity, it means that Blu-Ray can be used for storing and playback of ultra High-Definition video quality movies. The innovative Philips 5000 Series Home Theatre System targets this need of the market and maximizes your home cinema sound experience with dynamic 3Directional Angled Speakers. With five speakers and one powerful sub-woofer, you can be sure that the sound quality will be second to none.

TopBuy Price: $755.95 (With 27% Savings)

Panasonic 3D Blu-Ray Home Theatre System (SCBTT790GNK)

The Panasonic 3D Blu-Ray Home Theatre System (SCBTT790GNK) boasts a number of high-tech features that = are nor generally found in commonly used home theatre systems. It features an extremely powerful 1000w audio capacity with 5.1 Channel sound and 2 Tall Boy speakers. The rear speakers are wireless and the system has built-in wireless LAN DLNA, Network Drive Access. You have USB playback, a smart GUI with an Image Viewer on the main control set, among many other features, and the system is also compatible with an external HDD.

TopBuy Price: $604.95 (With 34% Savings)

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