Best Deals In High-Performance, On-Demand Water Pumps – A Selection From Deals Direct Australia

A reliable water pump is one of the most important electrical appliances that need to be installed in nearly all habitable buildings these days. Whether it be the home, the office building, a fancy fountain, pool, pond or even a garden, it is impossible to maintain a steady water supply without a good water pump. In this article, we look at some of the best deals in on-demand water pumps available from online stores in Australia.

Aurel Aqua Pro-Series 50W Fountain Pump

For marine applications such as keeping the pond water circulating for healthy marine-life or maintaining a clean and steady fountain running, there can be no better option than the Aurel Aqua Pro-Series 50W Fountain Pump. It is loaded with features that include separate waterfall and fountain flow control, 4 spectacular fountain patterns and a continuous duty electric motor. It features a full stainless steel impeller with a unique pump action that ensures sand and silt do not wear or impede pump performance. Even with this configuration, the running cost will only be equivalent to a standard light globe. All in all, the Aurel Aqua Pro-Series 50W Fountain Pump is a cost effective, environmentally friendly pump with unmatched performance in its price range.

Deals Direct Price: AU $89.95

Skillmeister 1100W Dirty Water Pump

If getting your wet, flooded garden dry is your top priority, then you would want to check out the Skillmeister 1100W Dirty Water Pump. The pump can remain submerged in depths of water up to 8m and has a large enough pipe to pass small pebbles and the odd leaves that may accumulate. With a high pressure head of 10.5m and a maximum delivery rate of 20,000L/H, it is Ideal for numerous applications such as transferring liquids, draining large containers, pumping water from wells or shafts and even draining your boat.

Deals Direct Price: AU $79.95

Protégé High Pressure Electric Water Pump

The Protégé High Pressure Electric Water Pump is a professional series pump from Protégé that utilizes an IP rated commercial 1,000W motor, and is specifically designed for water supply needs in the garden, although it can be used for pumping water in household applications. The entire assembly is a situated in a full stainless steel pump body with run-dry thermal protection. This is an all-in-one home watering solution, perfect for watering, washing, sprinklers and hosing plants, trees and grass in the garden.

Deals Direct Price: AU $189.95

Aurel Aqua 1200W Electronic Water Tank Pump

Hosting a resiliently strong and durable Cast-Iron body, the Aurel Aqua Electronic Water Tank Pump is powered by an IP66 rated commercial 1200W motor. The Water Pump is jam packed with impressive features – it offers a constant 3700L/Hr flow rate at 4.6 bars of pressure in-line with a strong mains supply. What this means is that it is capable of supplying ‘mains equivalent’ constant water pressure, and you can use it as a pressurized water source around your home and garden. At a discount price of $169.95, this is probably the best investment you can make for your new garden’s water supply.

Deals Direct Price: AU $169.95

Aurel Aqua Multi Stage High Pressure Auto Water Pump

The high pressure, multi-stage auto water pump from Aurel Aqua runs on an IP rated commercial 1500W powerful motor, and is capable of pumping water on-demand over 20 stories high. This makes it perfect for industrial, work and office buildings, farms and of course household applications. The AurelAqua Multi Stage High Pressure Auto Water Pump is made from a stainless steel body with a run-dry thermal protection that you can count on to be highly durable. Also, it features an exclusive fully isolated pressure switch meaning that it can be used for circulation systems without tricky wiring, and hence is very easy to use.

Deals Direct Price: AU $249.95

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