Best Deals In Garden Tools From Deals Direct Australia

Garden tools are a popular retail items at online Australian stores like Deals Direct Australia, and responsible garden owners always prefer to keep their own set of complete tools ready at their disposal. This helps to ensure that the garden is kept well and tidy at all times. To help out all aspiring garden owners out there, we have prepared a list of the best deals in garden tools that you can avail from Deals Direct Australia.

MTM 30cc 450km/h Commercial Backpack Blower

Cleaning the lawn can be a hefty and tedious job especially if you have to do it with a broom in your hand. What if the garden you are clearing is spread over a wide span of land? This is where the MTM 30cc 450km/h Commercial Backpack Blower comes in. Equipped with a 30cc engine, it packs some serious punch and helps you clear your lawn, get rid of stubborn branches and push that dirt away – all without the inconvenience of a tangled and inflexible electrical cord. Presumably the ultimate garden tool and cleaning solution.

Deals Direct Price: AU $199.95

Protégé 12V Pump Driven Garden Weed Sprayer

Garden owners who have a frequent outbreak of weeds in their lawns may want to look at the Protégé 12V Pump Driven Garden Weed Sprayer. This garden tool features a low profile design that is easy to mount, has a fluid capacity of 70L and can spray its contents at a fast 4.0 L/min, with an incredible pressure of 80 PSI. The 10m long hose length means that with it you won’t have any difficulty in reaching even the most densely cover green areas of your garden. If you are looking for a branded, professional level weed sprayer, then the Protégé 12V Pump Driven Garden Weed Sprayer is the way to go.

Deals Direct Price: AU $199.95

AGR Electric Leaf Shredder

The season of Autumn is quite charming, especially when you see leaves of different colours – red, yellow, brown – all around you, but it can be a great problem for many when these leaves fall down and form a hard to clean mess in your garden. Even when they fall down, these leaves have many nutrients in them, which if used, can be very beneficial for your soil. The AGR Electric Leaf Shredder garden tool helps you do just that – it allows you to quickly recycling yard and garden waste into nutrient-rich mulch, which you can use to fertilize your soil, without even having to worry about the fallen leaves in the first place. Definitely a solid investment for garden owners.

Deals Direct Price: AU $189.95

45CC 16inch Bar 1.7KW Chainsaw

Skillmeister’s 45CC 16-inch Bar 1.7KW Chainsaw is perfect for cutting down trees for land clearance, pruning branches and cutting up tree trunks into logs or fire wood. The design incorporates a large hand guard, a cushioned handle and automated safety chain break to enable a comfortable and stress-free operating performance. This chainsaw makes your garden tool selection complete – powerful and reliable operation with steady performance. A must-have tool for every gardener’s needs.

Deals Direct Price: AU $79.95

Self-Propelled 4 Stroke Lawn Mower

No garden tool list can be complete without a lawn mower – of course when you have a lawn, you need to keep the grass in check – and what better choice than the powerful Self-Propelled 4 Stroke Lawn Mower. Powered by a 135cc engine running at 2850 rpm and 50L Catcher Volume, it will very well meet your expectations and go beyond the bounds of keeping your lawn grass neat, clean and tidy.

Deals Direct Price: AU $349.95

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