Back To School Shopping Tips And Shopping List For University/College Students

College is very different from high school and middle school in many ways. Your professors at college don’t give you a list of everything that you need for their class. You have to figure it out yourself and get the things that will work best for you. In this article, we will not only show you a list of some of the most popular college supplies among college students these days, but we will also provide some tips that can help you stay on top of your class when you go back to school.


You cannot expect to go through college without proper stationery. This includes pens, pencils, erasers and sharpeners, markers and highlighters, scale rulers, tape, staplers and stapler pins, punch-machines, papers and pages, and anything else that you may require. Without properly adequate stationery, you will have difficulty in completing your work, and you will always be on the run to borrow things from others. Furthermore, the entire process of running to the college stationery shop every time you need to write something will be very hectic and tiring for you. You don’t want that to happen whenever you are about to start work on an assignment. Definitely not a good idea!



Calculators are a must at college. You can’t go around borrowing them from others if you need them on a frequent basis. You need to buy your own. Keeping a calculator becomes even more important if you are taking a math class, but if you do not have a number-crunching subject, you can very well uncheck this item from your college supply checklist.

Flash Drive

Flash Drives are great for transferring data from one point to another. If you are going to the library to get a printout, you will not want to take your bulky laptop with you, especially if you need to submit the assignment paper quickly when you are getting late for class. Most flash drives these days are inexpensive, easy-to-use, and even easier to carry around. You can get one for yourself for less than $10, and for most purposes, it will be capable to store all of your required data. Furthermore, flash drives are great for backups. You can feel safe and relaxed if you have taken a backup of your data onto your flash drive if something were to happen to your computer.

Folders and File Covers

These days, students do not get a lot of handouts from their professors. Rather, the teachers tend to upload all of the course material online, from where students can easily access it. Having said that, it is important to keep at least one folder in your list of stationery items, since that can help you keep your notes and pages organized.


While most teachers prefer to upload their lectures online these days, it is still important for students to note down the relevant concepts and ideas which are discussed by teachers in class. If you have, say, five courses for the coming semester, you can either go for five separate single subject notebooks, or you can go for a single, five-subject notebook. The latter has separators and partitions between the pages which divide it into multiple sections. This makes it very ideal to use for different subjects. You don’t have to worry about accidentally bringing the wrong notebook in class, or forgetting to bring the right notebook, because all of your notes are kept in a single notebook.

Computer Ink, Printer and Pages for Printer

You will definitely want to bring your own printer because at most colleges, you have to pay to use the printers provided in the libraries. Therefore, bringing our own printer and supplies can help you have a lot of money. Also, you don’t want to make a run for the college printer at the library every time you need to submit an assignment. Not only is that hectic, you may also get late for your class. So bringing your own printer is definitely a good idea.


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We hope this list of college supplies and tips helps for your stay at college. Good luck!

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