Could Amazon establish a local presence in Australia soon?

Amazon, the world’s largest online store, is reported to have plans of establishing local warehouse in Australia as part of its international distribution network. According to TheAge, Amazon is turning its eyes in Asia-Pacific region particularly the Land Down Under. With an Australian-based Amazon, order fulfillment across the region will be expedited and shipping cost may be reduced.

According to reports, representatives of the retail giant are set to visit some prospective warehouses which will provide space for Amazon merchandise for delivery in Australia and nearby countries in the region. It is believed that Amazon is eyeing for about a 40,000-50,000 square meter warehouse.

If this will push through, this is a good news for Australians who want to buy from Amazon. Amazon is known as a huge book retailer, selling thousands of titles from several known authors. A new fulfillment center in Australia would definitely make it more convenient for Australians to buy books. Aussie book worms would really love that.

If this is a good news for online shoppers, it’s the other way around for local retailers. With a known big player in the industry entering the Australian market, sales of local stores will definitely be hit. How would the local retailers react with Amazon’s extension in Australia is something that we would see if this has been put in reality.

While the news did not make mention of it, Amazon would not penetrate only the publishing industry. It probably would engage itself with some other product categories such as electronics and apparel. Thus, Aussie online shoppers would have more choices but more local retailers, the sales of which, might be affected.

Amazon’s local presence in Australia has advantages and disadvantages. More of the former for online shoppers while more of the latter for local retailers. How about you, what do you think about a local Amazon in Australia? Are you someone excited about it or you think that Aussie stores are more than enough for your online shopping need? Tell us your thoughts by hitting the comment box.

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