Kindle Paperwhite Australia: Review, Specification, Price and Availability in Australia

UPDATE: is now shipping Kindle Paperwhite directly to Australia. It will cost you only $139.00 for the Wifi version or $199 for the 3G version plus $11.98 for standard shipping to Australia or $20.98 for expedited shipping (only 2-5 business days) to Australia. Click here to buy one and for the steps to buy and shipping rates to Australia.

Kindle Paperwhite


Amazon has recently unveiled its latest e-book reader, the Kindle Paperwhite. Amazon claims that it is the most advanced e-book reader that features a higher resolution and contrast touch display with built-in LED light and battery life that last up to eight (8) weeks.


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has been available since October 1, 2012 in USA. For our US-based readers, you can place your order here. After having issues with stocks because of the high demand for the device, Kindle Paperwhite is now back in “In Stock” status at Amazon.


Below are the prices of the Kindle Paperwhite:

  1. Kindle Paperwhite with special offers- $119
  2. Kindle Paperwhite without special offers- $ 139
  3. Kindle Paperwhite + 3G with special offers- $179
  4. Kindle Paperwhite + 3G without special offers- $199

Below are the features and specifications of the new Kindle Paperwhite.


It is its touchscreen display that makes the Kindle Paperwhite different from the previous Kindle generations and other e-book reader. This 6-inch display of this device uses Paperwhite rather than the other versions’ E-ink display. With Paperwhite, the screen gets 62% more pixels; hence, it displays very sharp and clear images and text. From 167 pixels-per-inch (ppi), it now has 212 ppi. It also got an improved contrast by 25%. With that, text gets darker against a brilliant white background. The image below shows the comparison of the previous generation’s E-ink screen and the latest Kindle Paperwhite.

The screen has a matte finish that reflects light like ordinary paper. So reading under the bright sun is not a problem. This matte finish also prevent the screen from producing glares that most hate with devices with LCD/LED screens.

Innovative Built-in Light

One of the problems of some previous gen kindle users is the screen’s lack of illumination that prevents them from reading in a darker room or at night. Kindle Reading Lights are being used to in such a situation. This was, however, addressed by Amazon in its Kindle Paperwhite. In this new Kindle, the company introduced its patented built in light. This built-in front light makes the screen brighter and whiter in all reading environments. The Kindle Paperwhite is equipped with LED light carefully concealed in a 0.5 mm layer of the display. This layer is composed of a patented nano-imprinted light guide that distributes the light evenly in every corner of the display. With this, the screen gets evenly illuminated and no light concentration will be seen unlike when you are using a reading light. Also, while LED screen devices like laptop and tablet projects light out into your eyes disrupting those around you, the Paperwhite’s built-in light only projects light towards the page, an inner layer of the screen. The brightness of the light is also adjustable to fit in every reading environment.

Battery Life

Despite the addition of built-in light, the Kindle Paperwhite can last up to eight (8) weeks with just a single charge based on an half an hour a day reading with the wireless turned off and the light setting at 10. The use of the built-in light for getting the best contrast does not sacrifice the battery light. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the device.

Size and Weight

With all the new added features in this latest Kindle, the device remains thinner than a magazine with its 6.7″ x 4.6″ x 0.36″ built. Its weight also remains at 7.5 ounces for the non-3G version and 7.8 ounces for the 3g version.


A. Text and Font

Kindle Paperwhite still supports customizing text size and font. You can choose from eight (8) text sizes and six (6) font types including Baskerville, Caecilia, Publisher font, Futura, Helvetica, and Palatino. Line spacing and margin adjustment is also supported.


B. Bookmarks and Annotation

Just like in previous gen Kindle, you can add notes to your e-books as well as edit, export and delete such notes. If you like a passage in the book you are reading, you can highlight the same and share it o Facebook and Twitter directly from the device.

C. Page Turns

Tapping the screen lightly will seamlessly turn the page on to the next. You don’t need to swipe or use two hands to move from one page to the next.

D. Time to Read

One of the new features of the Kindle Paperwhite is that it shows how long will it take you to finish reading an entire book based on how fast you read and on your reading habits. This time gets updated as your progress or speed changes.

E. Other Features

Kindle Paperwhite is also loaded with the features of the previous gen Kindle such as the built-in dictionary, whispersync, web browsing with the experimental browser, wikipedia search, shopping e-books wirelessly and more. It also supports the follow formats of files:

  1. Kindle Format 8 (AZW3),
  2. Kindle (AZW),
  3. TXT,
  4. PDF,
  5. unprotected MOBI,
  6. PRC natively;
  7. HTML,
  8. DOC,
  9. DOCX,
  10. JPEG,
  11. GIF,
  12. PNG,
  13. BMP through conversion

Personalizing your Kindle Paperwhite

With the release of Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon also released new covers for the device. The light and thin cover is made of premium textured leather exterior and a subtle woven nylon interior that provides protection to the Kindle Paperwhite. It has an integrated magnetic clasp that securely closes the cover while in a bag, briefcase, or purse. Similar to iPad’s Smartcover, this cover automatically wakes the device when you open it and puts it into sleep when you close it.

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16 Responses to Kindle Paperwhite Australia: Review, Specification, Price and Availability in Australia

  1. michael smith says:

    Will the Kindle Paperwhite WiFi $139.00 require an adapter for use in Australia & when are supplies expected to be made available for delivery to Australia

    • admin says:

      Hi Michael,

      Kindle Paperwhite does not include any adapter. It only ships with USB 2.0 charging cable which you can use in order to charge the device with a PC or laptop. An adapter is not necessary unless you want to charge it directly on a power outlet. It costs U$19.99. I think, it is a must-have kindle accessory.

      No word yet from Amazon when it becomes available internationally. Amazon will start shipping it only in US on Oct. 22. You may, however, import one for yourself. Please read the last part of this article to know how you could do that.

      Hope that helps.

      • Chris says:

        The adapter plug for your Apple devices has the same USB entry, so you can also use it to charge your Kindle.

  2. steve says:

    hi folks, i am 70 years old , bit slow on tech. i have had moderate problems with my kindle, all caused by my not understanding operating features of the unit.. i now have my amazon account going well. still working some dificulties out but will win in end.
    feel the best kindle could do is produce a plain english instruction sheet so i could have followed the numbers to perform my initial start.
    now it is going i find it is my perminant companion as the back light is brilliant,brightness control brilliant,font size brilliant,best read at night going as less eye strain through small letters and poor light.very happy with amazon ebook prices think most are as good as, to dear wait a while they will come down , book return is great.generaly could not be happier. this is the first “tec” product that has worked to my expectations in paper white is a cracker!!!!!
    steve iverach , yeppoon queensland.

    • shireen says:

      Thanks somuch for your comment … I have similar difficulties… you havehelped heaps…

  3. graeme shaw says:

    23?11/’12 what are current price & availability on cheapest kindle white?

  4. robin says:

    in melb -where can the paperwhite be bought

  5. LINDA ARENTZ says:

    When will paperwhite kindle be available in Australia, have tried all sorts of avenues to buy one to no avail.

    • admin says:

      Hello, Kindle Paperwhite is not yet officially available in Australia. Probably in the coming months, Amazon will make it available here. For now, you may try to use a freight forwarder or look for sellers at eBay.

  6. steve says:

    re : graeme, i bought my paperwhite from australiaebookreader, it seems that they are the only seller who has stock right now.

    • Frances says:

      Hi Steve,

      Can I ask how much you paid for the kindle paper white? The australian reader shop are out of stock at the moment but don’t advertise the cost till they have stock in. Not sure if I should wait or just buy the kindle wi fi version if there’s a huge price difference.

  7. Agustina says:

    Guys I’m trying to buy a Kindle Paperwhite through Amazon and they say thhat they can’t ship that product to Aussie, whats up? Wasn’t Kindle Paperwhite already available here?????
    The price difference is huge if I want to buy it here!
    The price was 179 usd and I also wanted to buy the case and the adapter but they wont sell me the device, why?

  8. admin says:

    UPDATE: KINDLE PAPERWHITE is now available in AUSTRALIA. is now shipping Kindle Paperwhite directly to Australia for as low as $11.98 shipping fee. Click here for more details.

  9. Vicki Ellwood says:

    I went to buy a Kindle Paperwhite 3g though Amazon and on the last page it said the 3g was supported by Vodofone, this scared me as i was told it was supported by Telsta? Does anybody know if it is in fact Telstra?

  10. Novelty Gift Guy says:

    This is a very thorough, informative and interesting review of a great ebook reader, well done. Personally, I prefer all my devices to have 3G connection instead of relying on WiFi, but that’s probably because I’m from the country, and if I’m not at home there’s no guarantee that I’ll be able to find a WiFi Hot Spot.

    I’ll definitely be adding your site to my RSS reader, keep up the good work!

    Novelty Gift Guy

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