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Amazon is one of the most favorite brands in the world not only because of its successful online store business courtesy of, but also because of its enormously popular e-book reading devices, the Kindle. Kindle is, up to date, the best-selling and most positively reviewed product sold at  Over time, Amazon did not only add new features and make several improvements on the device, it also introduced several devices in the Kindle Family. So far, Kindle is classified into two (2), the Kindle E-readers and the Kindle Fire Tablets.

Kindle E-book Readers

The Kindle E-book readers are the first devices introduced by Amazon. Previous generations include the Kindle Wifi, Kindle Touch, Kindle Keyboard and the Kindle DX. These devices features E ink display that makes the screen look more like a paper than the usual backlit LCD screen we have on our smartphone and laptops. With this type of screen, reading e-books will be a lot more comfortable to the eyes. Just recently, Amazon has added the Kindle Paperwhite in this Kindle Family. Kindle Paperwhite features a proprietary built-in light that illuminates the screen when necessary. This is very helpful especially when you are reading in a low-light environment. Kindle devices also started as a button-operated device but some models now are multi-touch capable. At the present, here are the available Kindle E-book readers available:

Kindle Wifi *

Kindle Wifi is the basic Kindle Model. It features a 6-inch E-ink display and controlled by a 5-way controller. It has 2 GB storage and it is only Wi-Fi capable (No 3G.) It is currently available for International Delivery at for only $89 and additional $11.98 for delivery and handling charges.

*Shipped directly to Australia

Kindle Keyboard *

Kindle Keyboard is one of the most popular and oldest model of Kindle E-readers. This one also features a 6-inch E-ink display and is controlled by a physical keyboard. It is both Wi-fi and 3G (Free 3G) capable. It is also available for international delivery at for only $159 plus $11.98 shipping and handling charges.

*Shipped directly to Australia

Kindle Paperwhite *

Kindle Paperwhite is the latest Kindle E-reader. It features a proprietary Paperwhite display with built-in light. It has 2 GB storage and you can choose between a Wifi only model or a Wifi+Free 3G one. It is currently NOT available for international shipping but you can still buy one using a freight forwarder.

*Shipped directly to Australia


Kindle Fire Tablets

When the tablet market has grown, many PC makers like HP, Toshiba and Samsung has attempted to steal a share in the iPad-dominated market. Most of them failed. The only legitimately successful player then was Amazon with its Kindle Fire. Amazon has somehow earned a chunk in the tablet market when it started selling the Android-operated Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire is a tablet that features a 7-inch screen. Although Kindle Fire is Android-operated, Amazon has made several tweaks in the operating system and added proprietary apps so that it will become more customized for reading and media consumption. Just recently, Amazon update the Kindle Fire family with the introduction of Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire 8.9″. Here is the list of Kindle Fire tablets:

Kindle Fire

This is the first generation Kindle Fire Table. This device features a 7" LCD screen and is multi-touch capable. It has 8 GB storage and Wifi-capable. It is currently priced at $159.

Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HD is a new addition to the Kindle Fire Family. It features the same 7" display of the previous model except that this one boasts an HD screen. It comes with 16 GB or 32 GB storage with wifi-capability. It is powered by a dual-core processor and can last up to 11 hours of continuous use.

Kindle Fire HD 8.9"

This is also a new addition to the Kindle Fire Family. It boasts an 8.9" HD display with Wifi Connectivity. You also have the choice to pick a 4G+LTE capable model. It features 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and can last up to 10 hours of continuous use. You can choose between 16 GB and 32 GB for the non-4G model or 32 GB and 64 GB for the 4G+LTE model.


Kindle Australia Stores

Kindle is not only for Americans; it’s also for Aussies. With the success of Kindle in USA, Amazon has brought the device overseas, making it available to International Customers. Amazon, through its Amazon Global Program, now ships some Kindle devices to other countries like Australia and New Zealand. At the present, you can buy a Kindle Wifi and Kindle Keyboard directly at Amazon and the latter can deliver it to Australia.

If you are a fan of local stores, then you have several option here in Australia. Some local online retail stores sell Kindle Devices and Kindle Accessories. Here is our list:

    1. Ebay Australia
    2. Readershop
    3. Officeworks
    4. Graysonline
    5. Dick Smith
    6. Terrific Australia
    7. DWI Digital Cameras
    8. Crazy Sales
    9. Australia Ebook Reader

Kindle Accessories

With every new Kindle device that is introduced in the market, several new Kindle Accessories also come out. Fore some, Kindle accessories are necessary for protecting their device or for making them look better. Kindle Covers are one of the best-selling kindle accessories at Amazon. They come in different forms, colours and styles. Kindle Sleeves as well as Kindle Skins are also becoming popular to Kindle owners. Of course, as with any other devices with screens, a screen protector is always available to protect your Kindle from scratches and dirt. For Australian, a must-have accessory is the Australian Power Adapter which you can use to charge the device in the power outlet instead of using the data cable and charging it on your laptop. Click here for a list of Kindle Accessories that you can buy for your device.

Buying Kindle at Amazon from Australia

As mentioned above, Amazon, through its Amazon Global Program, make Kindle available to Australians. At the present, Amazon sells and delivers the basic Kindle Model for only $89.00 plus $11.98 shipping charges. That’s way cheaper than those sold by local retailers. We are hopeful as you are that will also make Kindle Paperwhite available to Australia soon.

For Kindle models that are currently not available to Australia, you may use a freight forwarder such as Shipito to order one from Amazon and the forwarder will be the one to receive your order in USA and thereafter, send it to you in Australia. Click here for more details on this method.

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