Amazon Officially Lands In Australia

Amazon is now officially in Australia. But wait, it’s not the store but Amazon Web Services (AWS). According to AWS blog post on June 19, Amazon has added its 33rd edge location in Sydney, Australia for Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route 53. These services are among the cloud computing services offed by Amazon. They serve as cloud storage for companies as well as for developers who needs temporary storage for their massive data. Through this, data and content are delivered to end-users faster.

In our previous post, we shared the rumors about Amazon’s plan of leasing warehouses in Australia to accommodate their supposed expansion in the country. However, Amazon has not confirm such expansion during that time. But now, the expansion of its cloud computing service in Australia has been confirmed.

According to Jeff Barr of Amazon, this new edge location will improve the performance and reduce the latency of the two services when used by customers in Australia. These services allow temporary data storage that reduces download times. Amazon CloudFront is expected to deliver a cost-effective solutions to Australian companies for their content delivery needs. The data center in Sydney will boost the speed of content, streaming and static delivery to users in Australia. Moreover, it will also speed up the resolution of DNS queries originating in the country.

Could Amazon fulfillment warehouse in Australia follow?

We know you have been waiting for the Amazon store to land in Australia. But as of now, we see no indication that this would happen soon. The new data center or the AWS is an entirely different service from Amazon store. So while a new edge location has been opened in Sydney, it does not follow that an Amazon store will soon arrive in the shores of Australia.

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