Vodafone’s Installment Plans For The iPhone 5 In Australia

For all those die-hard Apple fans out there – the wait is finally over and the iPhone 5 is here! The iPhone 5 has undoubtedly been one of this year’s most anticipated tech gadgets. It features a much thinner and lighter form factor than its predecessors; not to mention the larger screen size which has been cleverly introduced by Apple. The smartphone currently capable of connecting to Vodafone’s 3G+ wireless cellular connectivity technology, and is also fully compatible with the new 4G (LTE) network.

Vodafone’s iPhone 5 Plans Summary

In line with the release of the iPhone 5 in Australia, Vodafone has subsequently announced its 24 month installment plans for the new smartphone. These are listed as follows.









iPhone 5 16GB







iPhone 5 32GB







iPhone 5 64GB







Total Min Cost

iPhone 5 16GB







iPhone 5 32GB







iPhone 5 64GB







To learn more, feel free to visit Vodafone iPhone 5 plans blog.


The Pros And The Cons

The idea of getting a hold of your brand new iPhone 5 by making a monthly payment as low as $30 is surely an enticing prospect. If you are constrained by budget limitations, and you really do need an iPhone 5, then this plan could be suitable for you. However, you must note that if you can make a full upfront payment, then this should be your top priority, as otherwise, regardless of whatever iPhone 5 plan you select, you will ultimately end up paying a much bigger sum of money than what the iPhone 5 actually costs.

Availability In Australia

Vodafone offers its services to customers across several parts of the world, including Australia, and has a wide and massive cellular network in the region. The network currently runs on 3G+ protocols, and is expected to evolve into 4G (LTE) by early next year, 2013. For further details on the Vodafone Network in Australia, click here.

You can subscribe to your selected Vodafone iPhone 5 plans online via the Vodafone Australia website. You can also visit a local retail outlet authorized by Vodafone to order your new iPhone 5 with your selected plans.

Apps And Services

Vodafone allows its customers to make full use of its apps, add-ons and services on their smartphones. Furthermore, it also features apps from its partners, which are sometimes offered to users free of charge, or sometimes at very well-discounted prices.

If you wish to add even more functionality to your device, you can visit the iPhone 5 Australia stores online, such as iTunes, Apple’s online app store for Australia, or from third-party websites which host apps for the iPhone 5.


Vodafone’s standard charges on its 3G+ network are as follows:

1. A 2 minute standard national voice call costs $2.36.
2. A standard national txt costs 30c.
3. Additional data use in Australia costs 25c/MB.

For further details, kindly visit Vodafone’s iPhone 5 plans pricing page.

Delivery Tracking In Australia

Vodafone will require a delivery address from you once you have chosen your iPhone 5 and upgraded your mobile plan. You can either give your home address or your office address, which ever suits you better. Once Vodafone acknowledges the details that you have given, you will be sent an email message as a confirmation in order to let you know that the package which you have ordered, is on its way.

The company also provides delivery tracking services to its customers. For the latest delivery information, click here.

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