A Review Of Westfield Australia

The Westfield group operates one of the world’s largest shopping center portfolios, and its global portfolio includes 111 high quality regional shopping centers in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Westfield.com.au is the regional online shopping store for Australia, and it allows you to shop online from thousands of brands in one location. Westfield’s large inventory of items come are arranged in the following categories:
• Designer Collection
• Women’s And Men’s Fashion
• Shoe Wear
• Kids And Babies’ Items
• Toys And Games
• Cosmetic, Health, And Beauty Items
• Flowers And Gifts
• Pet Supplies
• Food And Beverages
• Consumer Items And Electronics

Since Westfield is a collection of different stores, you can buy from one store or several stores at a time. However, delivery of items purchased from different stores will be separate, since each store handles its deliveries separately. Prices of consumer items are set and specified by each store on its own accord, and hence the price of the same item at two different stores can vary. All stores on Westfield offer a free returns option, either into their physical stores, or through post. Similarly, the terms of warranties and money-back guarantees are also specified by individual stores, so you will need to do some research before making a purchase. The online website also has a special ‘Sales’ section, where you can see that discounts are offered, sometimes of over 20%, such as on the Urban Originals Fly Free Hand bags.

Delivery Policies
Delivery is only applicable inside Australia. The cost of delivery on Westfield’s retail items can vary because individual stores on Westfield.com.au set their own delivery costs. These are calculated at the checkout, and are also based on your items, so you know beforehand what the delivery costs actually will be. All stores offer “Standard” flat rate delivery option across Australia, so your items will normally arrive 3-5 working days after you receive an email confirming dispatch. However, some stores also offer “Express Delivery”, and you can receive your item with 1 to 5 days. Most stores allow you to track your order as well.

Payment Methods
Shoppers have the choice of paying for their purchases via credit card or PayPal. All payments are managed by Westfield’s payment gateway, so you can shop at any store, big or small, and have the same level of security. All retailers accept Australian and international Visa and MasterCard.

Westfield Australia is a unique kind of conglomerate of different stores, where each store handles its sales, brands, deliveries, and warranty conditions separately. Therefore, you need to be on the lookout for the terms of purchase for every store that you shop through. In order to visit Westfield Australia, click here.

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