A Review Of Dstore Australia

Dstore was established in 1999, and it has rapidly expanded to become one of Australia largest online departmental stores. It has also been named Australia’s Best Online Shopping Website in the annual NetGuide Awards. Dstore aims to offer the best shopping experience to customers, which is safe, reliable, and affordable, at the same time being convenient for people who are relatively new to the concept of online shopping. Dstore deals in a wide array of products, which includes clothing and accessories for both men and women, beauty and fragrances, movies and games, books, toys, gifts and flowers, technology items, along with home and living décor.

When you visit the home page of Dstore Australia, you are shown a list over items in the ‘Best Deals’ section. These deals include all types of items, such as clothing, sunglasses, watches, and other accessories, and by availing them, you can save up to 80% off RRP on these items. Regular discounts are offered on different products. Dstore also has a well-defined returns policy – if your order is broken or is failed upon delivery, you can return it within seven days of the recipt of that order, via an online contact form, or a phone call. You can also return the product if you are not satisfied with it, but the delivery charges will not be refunded to you.

Delivery Policies
Dstore delivers its retail items throughout Australia. For standard delivery of items, Dstore charges a flat-rate delivery fee of $6.95 per order, regardless of how many items you have purchased in a single transaction. Many technology and electronic gadgets are shipped via courier service, while other items are shipped through standard delivery. Dstore has warehouses spread all over Australia, and hence delivery times vary from one location to another. If you are not at home at the time of delivery, you can collect your order from the local depot, or the post office, or you can have it re-delivered, depending on what you have specified. Orders can also be delivered to your workplace if you are not at home.

Payment Methods
Dstore accepts three methods of payment – credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club), BPAY and PayPal.
All Dstore transactions are displayed and finalised in Australian dollars.


“Placed an order for the Otter box for the Xoom tablet.

Website happily took my money and said that it would be dispatched shortly. After a week, I sent an email as my order still hadn’t been sent – received an email back saying that the box was no longer being made and they wouldn’t be able to supply.

Can I get a refund? No, as I had received the money for the box as a gift in the form of a gift voucher (arranged AFTER I had found the product I wanted) they won’t refund. So I have $100 credit sitting on my Dstore account with nothing I actually want. I expect that come feb next year, my credit will expire and I will be out of pocket.

I checked with Otter – yes, they still make the box for the Xoom.

Dstore simply will not acknowledge this.”

– sascha

“Ordered a Christmas present 3 weeks before Christmas to allow time for delivery. Was not sent within a week so contacted them daily for a few days and was assured ‘would be sent tomorrow, today’… Eventually asked for guarantee it would be sent by a certain day and by express post (at their expense as due to their incompetence, Christmas would be here before any present was sent). Couldn’t guarantee that so they cancelled my order without confirming with me that was what I wanted.”

– SusieB

There is no doubt that Dstore has a huge inventory of large categories of products, and this makes it one of the biggest online departmental stores of Australia. However, some concerns have been raised regarding both their customer and delivery services, which have shown some discrepancies in the past. You can visit Dstore by clicking here.

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3 Responses to A Review Of Dstore Australia

  1. Budi says:

    Avoid dstore! It was simply the worse online shopping experience ever. They sent a wrong item to my order, and they didn’t even have the credibility to provide a store credit based on differences in price, as the original item purchased is more expensive than the wrong item delivered. It’s simply not worth it, best to purchase items directly from the official online shop. Worse online shopping experience ever.

  2. vikas shah says:

    Dont store. Bunch of conman. Same issues as abovr waiting 2 months for parcel customer service is non existent. Please be warned from this

  3. Wendy Percy says:

    I would say stay clear of dstore. I ordered boots but thought I would exchange for something else. When they arrived I sent them back (unopened) paid for postage and returned to the address specified by the company. They said they received my returned boots, checked them and were going to issue me with credit on my account. Some weeks later the parcel with the boots were returned unopened and with a sticker on it to say they HADBEEN UNCLAIMED. Consequently they should not claim to have a return parcel policy that does not exist. Will never purchase from them again.

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