A Brief Review Of Ebay Australia

It is a well-known fact that Ebay is one of the giants when it comes to the online shopping and merchandizing arena. With stores established in North and South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia, it is probably the most popular shopping site on the internet. Ebay.com.au is the Australian venture of the company, and it has been designed to specifically serve the requirements of the Australian market. Ebay.com.au deals in a vast variety of items, namely, antiques and art, books and magazines, business items, office equipment, stationary, household appliances, electronics, computers, games, sports gear, health, beauty and cosmetic items, clothing and foot wear, musical instruments, jewelry, watches, and many more products, which simply cannot be listed here due to lack of space.

Prices at Ebay.com.au are standardized based on their prices in the international markets. Ebay.com.au offers plenty of discounts on its products, especially if you purchase in bulk. Sales are regularly organized, and items can be brought quite cheaply in such circumstances, for example, Seduce, a ladies’ fashion wear, was recently being offered at a 70% discount – which is phenomenal. A $200 Seduce Maxi Dress was being offered for just $60. You can very well imagine the level of discount that Ebay.com.au offers on its retail items. In addition to this, money-back guarantees are offered on certain items, which further add to its usefulness.

Delivery Policies
Since it is an Australian store, Ebay.com.au ships its items only within Australia. Processing time of an order is about one to two days, whereas the delivery time for the order can vary anywhere between three to five working days, based on your locality. For bigger and large-sized items, this may take even longer. You should know that a small fee is also applicable on the delivery of items. If you are a seller on EBay, you should ensure that you charge the most feasible delivery rates to your buyers, since it helps boost your EBay seller profile. You can also track the status of your ordered through their tracking services.

Payment Methods
• PayPal
• Paymate
• Credit Card
• Pay on pick up
• Personal Cheques / Bank Cheques
• Money Orders
• Escrow
• Bank Deposit
• Instant Cash Wire Transfers(prohibited by eBay Australia)
• Cash (not recommended by eBay)
• Bank Deposit Express
• Cash on Delivery


“I use EBay a lot, but you need to watch out for people selling stolen or ripped off items such as software etc. if you ask before you bid with a warning you will report if ripped off then most will own up to it being such I know this could be said to be the users of EBay rather than EBay but there should be a way to resolve this for the safety of users, otherwise not a bad company.”

– Kevin Baxter

“I have had some wonderful bargains from EBay, any problems I have had (very few) were quickly sorted out by the EBay team. I love browsing the site so much to choose from so many excellent sellers.”

– Wendy Kenny

EBay.com.au is a merchandizing giant. You can sell your items, and purchase new ones. The inventory of products at EBay is ridiculously huge, and its is said “If it is to be found anywhere it is to be found here!” With great sales and discount offers, EBay Australia should be your first destination for online shopping.

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